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    Are You Protected from the Unexpected in Mexico?Providing Our Clients Asset & Health Protection Since 2004.

    Mexico Condo Insurance


    • Building (Interior Walls, Alterations & Fixtures) (Building/Dwelling Must be Included)
    • Other Structures Coverage
    • Mexico Personal Property Coverage (Contents)
    • Additional Living Coverage (Available)
    • Glass Breakage (Building/Dwelling Must be Included)
    • Debris Removal
    • Mexico Liability
    • Medical Payments
    • Earthquake Coverage **YES – Available**
    • Hurricane, Flood, Tsunami Coverage **YES – Available**
    Securing insurance for your Condo in Mexico is now at the fingertips of our clients’. West Coast Global Insurance provides our clients with an Easy, Online Mexico Condo Application, allowing you to provide the details of your condo in Mexico in minutes. We have streamlined the filing building so no Printing, Scanning or Faxing is required. Once your Mexican Condo application is submitted online we will start working together on your file to assist in Securing Mexico Condo Insurance for your most Valuable Asset in Mexico.

    Mexican Condo Insurance

    Welcome to West Coast Global Insurance Services, Mexico Condo Insurance Division. Our goal is to work with our clients’ during the file building process to make sure all Mexico condo insurance questions are answered and we secure a policy that protects the coverages that matter the most to our clients.

    We understand that Mexico can be considered foreign territory and buy insurance for your condo in Mexico can be confusing, especially if this is a first time purchase in Mexico. We have streamlined the file building by creating an online Mexican condo insurance application, asking the most important underwriting questions. Securing a policy that is properly written is so very important if you want your claims being paid out in the event of an unforeseen peril.

    Owning a Condo in Mexico and securing the correct Mexican Condo Insurance policy needs to be understood from a few different positions.

    When securing a Mexico Condo Insurance policy you must ask yourself a few very important questions. Understanding if there is a Master condo association Mexico insurance policy in place on the building is extremely important to know. Does this Master Mexico Condo association insurance policy provide adequate coverage for Hurricanes and Earthquakes in Mexico?

    We understand the importance of asking these questions, and do so with our Online Mexico Condo Insurance Application and then follow up and ask these same questions when we discuss in detail over the phone with our clients.

      All Risk Mexico Condo Insurance

    Dedicated Claims Teams * Policies in English

      Hurricane Protection

    Are You Protected from the Unexpected?

      Earthquake Protection

    Earthquake Activity in the Sea of Cortez


    Does my Master Condo owners Policy in Mexico protect the Interior of my Condo in Mexico?

    NO – Each condo unit owner is responsible for 50% of the walls inward and if your development, in fact, has a master policy in place, then this master policy is ONLY responsible for the shell of the building which means 50% of the walls outward.

    Will my Mexico condo insurance policy protect against glass breakage?

    YES – Glass breakage is included on Mexico Condo insurance policies offered by West Coast Global Insurance if building/dwelling coverage is included on your Mexico condo insurance policy. Building/Dwelling Coverage must be included.

    Will my Mexico Condo Insurance policy be in English?

    YES – All policies offered by West Coast Global Insurance will be presented in English, however, important to know that the Spanish wording on all insurance policies in Mexico will always prevail.


    Mexico Condo Insurance Reviews Offered by West Coast Global Insurance Services

    When was your Last Mexico Condo Insurance Review?

    West Coast Global Insurance Services provides Our Clients annual Mexico Condo Insurance reviews evaluating the cost of construction in all parts of Mexico to secure that you are never paying more for your Mexico Condo Insurance then absolutely required.

    We focus on our client’s Insurance needs by taking the time to understand what coverages are most important to them and helping each Mexico Condo Owner work through the decision-making making during the insurance buying process. We help our clients establish true replacement cost for their Condos in Mexico and carefully explain what exposures they may be faced with based on their location in Mexico.

    We specialize in ALL RISK Mexico Condo owners Insurance providing our clients the Most Comprehensive Coverage’s available in the Mexican Insurance Marketplace.

    ALL Risk Mexico Condo Insurance, The American Way?

    The Mexico Condo Insurance policies that we offer were created for foreign nationals who own Condos in Mexico. For a Mexican Condo owners insurance policy that makes sense with clear deductibles options and carriers that have the financial backing to protect their clients, West Coast Global Insurance Services has the right policy for you.

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    Why Choose West Coast Global Insurance Services for ALL Your Insurance Needs in Mexico?

    Our Clients are provided peace of mind knowing that West Coast Global Insurance provides a 2nd Layer of Claims Support with a Dedicated Claims Team to oversee that Our Clients are always receiving the Best Service during the claim process.

    Mexican Condo Insurance Protection

    Is your Condo in Mexico Protected with an ALL Risk Mexico Condo Policy or a Standard Mexican Condo Policy?

    We pride ourselves on offering the Most Comprehensive Mexican Condominium Insurance Coverage available in Mexico. We’ve specialized in Mexico Insurance since 2004 continuously researching the Insurance markets in Mexico with our clients’ security and peace of mind as our main focus.

    To submit an online application for your Mexico Condo Insurance with no faxing or scanning required, please click on the banner below.

    Mexico Condo Insurance - Hurricane Mexico

    Are You Protected from the Unexpected?Providing Asset & Health Protection for Our Clients Since 2004.

    Do You Have Questions About Mexico Condo Insurance?

    Contact Us Online Application

    Disclaimer: Read your policy conditions as not all Mexico carriers provide the same coverages. Coverages can vary based on Mexico insurance carriers and optional coverages. West Coast Global Insurance Services does not guarantee coverages.