Tropical Storms and Hurricanes in Mexico

Baja California, Mexico

Whether you own a home or condo in Mexico, having coverage in place is recommended and vital. As Homeowners in Mexico it is important to understand that there is a BIG difference in the types of Mexico Homeowners policies that are in the market. West Coast Global Insurance Services has made it easy to secure coverage and provide peace of mind during Hurricane season and all year round.

Hurricane Season in Mexico

Hurricane season in Mexico is between June and November but the majority of storms that hit land are between August and October. . Each year, there are predictions from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for hurricane season. Usually they predict anywhere from 6-12 tropical storms in one hurricane season. These tropical storms could turn into severe hurricanes. It is not recommended to wait until hurricane season to secure coverage for your home. When hurricane season starts carriers across the board halt coverage until the season is over.

Tropical Storms Shouldn’t be Taken Lightly

As we all know, before a hurricane forms, a tropical storm is present. Sometimes the tropical storm transforms into a hurricane and others stay a tropical storm when it reaches land. Tropical storms, when strong enough, are known to cause a lot of damage to houses, condos and businesses, which is why it is very necessary that you secure coverage for your property. Carriers are able to stop offering Hurricane coverage at any point during the year, especially Hurricane season.

Getting Mexico Home Insurance

If you own a home or condo in Mexico, you can give yourself peace of mind knowing you have the best possible coverage in place during Hurricane season. Personal Property Insurance in Mexico is strongly recommended. If you are just renting a condo or even home, personal property can cover your content inside the condo/home in the event a Hurricane or Tropical Storm hit. West Coast Global Insurance Services understands that different expatriates and visitors have different Insurance needs. We are here and welcome your calls so we can help protect you from the unforeseen events in Mexico.


Whether you are a tourist or expatriate in Mexico it is important to know that insurance carriers in Mexico are able to stop offering Hurricane coverage at any time during the year. This is seen more during hurricane season.


West Coast Global Insurance Services can provide you with outstanding Mexican home and condo insurance, so that you’re protected in the vulnerable times of the hurricane and tropical storm season.



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