The dangers of a hurricane in Mexico and what I should do to protect my home


Mexico is not only a sought after vacation spot, but it is also a beautiful country to live in, beautiful coastal scenery, shopping and even the nightlife is fun and exciting for those who vacation or live there. Most people never take the time to consider natural disaster when they’re planning a trip or relocating to a beautiful country like Mexico. Hurricanes are disasters that everyone should always be prepared for when visiting or residing in Mexico. Mexico Hurricane season in Mexico runs from June through November each year and prior to the season beginning, people need to begin taking precautions to ensure their home, business or family will be safe when facing potential hurricanes and tropical storms.


On average, the climate in Mexico is mild and warm year round. Being on the water for boating and swimming is a favored activity for those vacationing along the coastline. Many US residents move to Mexico to set up business and to live in the country full-time due to the beauty of the area, especially along the coastline in cities like Baja and the surrounding coastal areas. Preparing for foul weather even when it is nice and sunny is a must in order to ensure not only property damage will be at a minimum, but that personal injury or loss of life is prevented as well.


A very important thing to include in preparation for hurricane season is to pack an emergency supply kit. The kit should include enough non-perishable food and enough bottled water to last each person in the home at least three days. Also flashlights and extra batteries, a weather radio and first aid supplies should be in the kit. Kits can be put together on your own, or they are available through the Red Cross as well. Another great suggestion is to stock up on sand bags throughout the year. When a hurricane strikes, the aftermath that includes flooding is quite often more destructive than the hurricane itself when it reaches land.


Business and residential neighborhoods should make sure the storm drainage system is cleaned out periodically. When storm drains are filled with leaves and other debris that flows into them, they can back up and cause severe property damage when flood water begins coming in. A hurricane can come hundreds of miles inland when it reaches the coastline and can damage homes and properties due to the high winds and rain that it brings with it.


While landscaping will make your home and business property look spectacular throughout the year, it is best to make sure that limbs and branches of shrubs or trees are trimmed down and that all plants are secured. Damaging winds can cause plants to fly away and cause serious damage to property as well as to people. Winds from a hurricane can rise in excess of 150 miles or more per hour so precaution must be taken when facing a hurricane coming inland. Winds can cause unsecured items left in yards to fly through home and vehicle windows as well as into people which could result in serious injury or death.


Mexico Hurricane Insurance is recommended for anyone who lives in or has a business in Mexico. For travelers, a basic travel insurance policy will often cover hurricanes and other natural disasters that may cause a vacation to be shortened or cancelled. Having the right insurance protection in place can save a person thousands of dollars for unexpected trip cancellations, or property and personal damage during a hurricane.


Hardware stores generally sell out of things like hurricane window tape and boards very quickly once a hurricane has been spotted or announced to be heading inland. It’s always best to have items already stored and easily available in the event of a hurricane rather than rushing to try to locate them when everyone else is doing the same thing. During a hurricane, water and electricity often go out and can be out for several days. An emergency generator is a good idea to be able to have electricity in your home or business. Be sure to always run the generator outdoors and never inside as the fumes from the fuel can be deadly. It’s also best to stock up on flashlights and batteries and not use candles. Candles can fall over and cause fires that can damage or destroy a home as well as be deadly for people who may be inside. Being prepared for hurricane season in advance is a necessity for people to keep their home and family safe during the storms.



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