The BISBEE Fishing Tournament in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The BISBEE fishing tournament in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico takes place every year. It started in 1981 and is known as the World’s Richest Fishing Tournament. Many fishermen from all over the globe join this tournament each year, and because of this, it’s a good idea to make early reservations for your boat. There is an early bird drawing available that can award you free entry into the tournament, otherwise, you’ll have to pay a fee for your boat’s entry. You’re allowed to have a team of however many members you’d like. In this tournament, you’ll be catching game that must meet size and specie requirements. Those who win could get a trophy and cash.

BISBEE Fishing Tournament Entry Rules

In order to enter into the tournament, you can sign up for the early bird lottery, which can award you the opportunity for free, entry, or you can pay your way by the deadline, which is usually in August or mid-October. In order to be eligible for the early bird drawing, you will have to have already paid your base payment before the deadline. The submission of your application can be done online. Be warned that if you cancel your entry too late, you won’t be refunded. If you withdraw before the early bird drawing, you receive full refund and if it’s between the early bird deadline and the registration deadline, then you will only receive a portion of your refund.

How much does it Cost and How Much Can I Win?

There are three tournament locations to choose from – East Cape Offshore, Los Cabos Offshore and Black & Blue. Each has a base pay and jackpots. Here is a look at their entry fees and optional jackpots:

  • East Cape Offshore – Base Entry of $1,200 and daily jackpots between $600 and $6,000
  • Black & Blue – Base Entry of $5,00 and daily jackpots between $600 and $30,000
  • Los Cabos Offshore – Base Entry of $1,200 and daily jackpots between $400 and $4,000


The cash awards given have to be split up between the winning team members, which should be decided before the tournament takes place. The winnings are based on the tournament entry fees. Seventy percent is awarded to the winner(s). Sixty percent of that goes to the Billfish Awards, 20% goes toward Top Tuna and 20% goes to Top Dorado.

The Billfish Tournament can have up to three winners, which would yield 65%/ 22.5% / 12.5%, two winners would yield 71.25%/ 28.75% and if one winner, that team takes all. For the Tuna and Dorado winners, the cash is awarded to the teams with the heaviest qualifying Dorado and Tuna fish. If there is no winner, then the cash is rolled over to the other game fish category. If no winners are on either, it will be rolled over to the Billfish category. In the past, millions of dollars have been awarded to fishers, with the biggest being $4,165,960.

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