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The Best Way to Secure a Mexican Auto Insurance Policy Online. Visit West Coast Global Insurance Services

Are you aware purchasing Mexican Auto\Car Insurance has become a simple, swift and straightforward process with West Coast Global Insurance Services? Their secure online applications allow users to enter details & information about their car, their duration of stay, when they will need the Mexico Car Insurance and subsequently present several coverage options, based on their requirements. The company understands the importance of time, when insurance is on your mind, and that’s why West Coast Global Insurance Services has trimmed the file-building process and made it accessible for an average user to obtain all-inclusive Mexican Auto coverage from any corner

November 30, 2017 No Comments asif Driving in Mexico, Mexican Insurance

The Importance of Mexico Auto Insurance when driving into Mexico

When tourists decide to drive into Mexico, one very important question always comes to mind?  “why do I need to purchase Mexico auto insurance?” There is a simple answer to this… because your US or Canadian insurance is not valid within the borders of Mexico. Mexican law requires you to have insurance purchased through a Mexican insurance company. So, if you plan on driving your auto into Mexico we strongly recommend you purchase Mexico auto insurance before crossing into Mexico. Mexican Law requires that all autos driving in Mexico have a minimum amount of Mexico Liability coverage. This dollar amount