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West Coast Mexico Insurance Services

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Mexico Car Insurance ~ Mexico Home Insurance

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West Coast Mexico Insurance provides all lines of Insurance for Mexico. The Mexico insurance promise that we provide our clients is backed by the Top Rated Insurance carriers in Mexico. Our Special Lines ALL RISK Mexico Insurance Policies offer the Highest Standard of Security, Service & Peace of Mind.

We also offer our clients a dedicated claims team, a division focused on servicing claims and providing an extra layer of claim support. A team that speaks English and available to make sure your claim is being handled timely & effectively.

When thinking about Insurance for Mexico, be sure to contact our office to help answer any questions that you may have.

**We offer FREE Mexico Insurance Reviews for ALL lines of Insurance in Mexico **

Mexico Home Insurance


Mexican auto InsuranceMexico Home Insurance is now readily available for foreign Nationals who own property In Mexico and an insurance policy can even be secured the same day once all property details are collected. The steps to securing insurance coverage on your property in Mexico are not nearly as overwhelming as you may think and in fact, the steps are quite simple. West Coast Mexico Insurance Services has streamlined the file building by creating their very own online Mexico home insurance application. Before sitting down and getting started you will want to know what the physical address is in Mexico including postal code along with the basic details of construction and replacement cost. Just like in the United States you will not factor the land value in your dwelling replacement calculation as land value is not an insurable interest by the insurance companies in Mexico.

Buying insurance for your home in Mexico will be a first time experience for many, and for this reason we take the time required to answer questions from our potential clients, so they can ultimately make the best decision for coverage on their most valuable asset in Mexico.

Important questions need to be answered such as:

Will I include Catastrophic Perils on my Mexico Home Insurance policy such as Earthquake Coverage in Mexico and Hurricane & water perils coverage on my policy. These Catastrophic coverages tend to be the Online Mexico Home Insurance Applicationmost expensive part of the policy and should not be overlooked due to the exposure of Earthquakes and Hurricanes in Mexico that hold a true threat in most regions.

Our goal is to be sure you are protected from the unexpected in Mexico.

To get started, please complete our Mexico Home Insurance Online Application.

Our clients can select a Special Lines Mexican Home Insurance policy to protect their property in Mexico which is not available by local agents in Mexico. The Mexico Home insurance policies offered to our clients are in English, and offer clear deductible options with Mexico insurance carriers that have the financial backing to protect their insureds from the next Hurricane Odile!

Mexico Condo Insurance

Mexico Condo Insurance should absolutely not be overlooked in Mexico and is an important safeguard to have no matter where your condo in Mexico is located. West Coast Mexico Insurance provides 2 options for condo owners in Mexico. 

Option 1 – A personal property only policy or a contents only policy which excludes betterments & fixtures.

Option 2 – Dwelling protection on a condo policy in Mexico also known as a Betterments & fixtures policy which protects 50% of your walls inward.

Option 2 is always recommended to provide condo owners in Mexico a more robust insurance policy providing more comprehensive insurance protection in Mexico.

Mexico Condo Insurance Online ApplicationMexico Condo Insurance Questions to have clear answers for will include: Does my Condo Association Development in Mexico have a master policy in force including coverage for the builing my condo is in, for losses sustained by Earthquakes & Hurricanes? If YES, Great News. However most Condo developments in Mexico do not have this coverage in place. Understanding what coverages that are in force and not in force will ultimately tell you where the gaps are in coverage and what Mexico condo insurance protection you should be considering to protect your condo investment in Mexico.

West Coast Mexico Insurance has streamlined the file building by developing their very own online Mexico Condo Insurance Application.

Click the link below or this image to the right to get started completing your Online Mexico Condo Insurance Application.

Mexico Car Insurance

Purchasing Mexico Auto Insurance is now at the fingertips of our clients. We offer our clients up to 5 Mexico Insurance carrier options to select from. In just a few easy steps you are able to see premium &


deductible options. Whether you are seeking Mexican Auto Insurance Protection for 1 day or 365 days of the year West Coast Mexico Insurance has your solution.

Driving your car into Mexico and not having a minimum liability insurance policy written by a Mexican Insurance company can land you behind bars in the event of an accident. We recommend that our clients purchase a minimum of $300,000.00 USD of Mexico car insurance liability coverage based on new Mexican laws passed in late 2012.

Quote, Buy & Print your Mexico Auto Insurance in minutes. For the most Competitive Mexico car insurance Rates and Coverages in all regions throuhout Mexico, Click this link to BUY NOW your Mexican Car Insurance!

Mexico Commercial Insurance

West Coast Mexico Insurance provides Mexican Commercial Insurance in all regions in Mexico. We service all lines of commercial exposures in Mexico such as developments, hotels, restaurants, construction and liability insurance in Mexico. Contact us today so we can start building your file and gathering the details required for a competitive Mexico Commercial Insurance policy.

Mexico Boat Insurance – Mexico Yacht Insurance

Online Mexico Boat ApplicationIs your boat or yacht located in Mexico all year round and need to be protected from catastrophic damage from hurricane & water perils? We provide Mexico boat insurance packages that include the most comprehensive coverage’s for boats in Mexico. We look forward to working with you to provide you the coverage required to protect your boat or yacht in Mexico. We also offer Mexico Boat Liability Insurance. Our policies meet the requirements of Marinas in Mexico.

You can complete our Mexico boat insurance online application by clicking on this link for Mexico Boat & Yacht Insurance in Mexico.

Mexico Medical Insurance | Mexico Health Insurance | Mexico Travel Medical Insurance

Mexico Health Insurance Application OnlineWest Coast Mexico Insurance Services offers Global Mexico Health Insurance Plans that help take the risk out of Mexico travel and Mexico living. Protection against these losses is available for individuals, families, & groups traveling & living in Mexico. Mexico Travel Medical Insurance is not as expensive as you may think. Each year millions of individuals & families depart their home countries to live in new countries. Many global travelers & expatriates discover the hard way that their home country medical insurance policies provide little or no coverage for losses incurred while on Mexico trips or living in Mexico. 

Complete our Online International Mexico Medical – Health Insurance Questionnaire so we can better understand your individual needs are.

“Are you Protected from the Unexpected in Mexico”

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