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    Health Insurance Services

    Health Insurance Services

    West Coast Mexico Medical Insurance

     When planning to go to Mexico, whether to live or just vacation for a while, having and international health plan is extremely important. West Coast Mexico Insurance is a Full Service Agency providing Health Protection for all of your medical needs. When you need health insurance for your trip you will find many options to choose from. When traveling alone or with family on a vacation to Mexico, having a good travel health plan in place is advised. Accidents and the sudden onset of illness requiring medical attention can happen and with a Single Trip Medical Travel Medical Insurance plan in place, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you or your loved one is taken care in times of crisis. We offer a wide array of Medical Health plans to cover you with all that you need in health coverage. West Coast Mexico Insurance is an Insurance Carrier that is dedicated to safeguarding their insured’s Health Protection in every part of the world. Not having the proper health coverage can cause you or your family to suffer a major financial liability and can also deter the proper health care from being received when needed. With West Coast Mexico Insurance you can rest assured that when you need medical care, you will have the policy and coverage needed at all times and in all situations.


    Single Trip Travel Medical Insurance

    When traveling internationally, there is always risk involved. Having a Single trip Travel Medical Insurance plan in place is advised for those who may be vacationing or traveling on business trips. An unforeseen accident or illness can be take a financial toll on people when having to pay medical expenses out of pocket. In most cases, the insurance you have in the states is not going to cover you when you may need medical air evacuation or urgent care while in Mexico. West Coast Mexico Insurance has health plans that will give you peace of mind in knowing that you or your family will be taken care in times of an accident or a medical crisis.


    Multi Trip Travel Medical Insurance

    While many people travel only once a year for vacations or business travel, many will need to travel several times a year to Mexico. When you travel extensively on business trips or have multiple vacations planned, you’re going to need a Multi Trip Medical Insurance plan. We have a variety of Multi Trip plans to choose from that will be able to provide you with the best medical coverage when needed. These plans will cover you on each of your trips throughout the year.


    Expat Health Insurance (Major Medical)

    If you plan on living in Mexico, or being away from your own country for 6 months or longer each year, having an ExPat Health Insurance plan is advisable. Most health plans that you have in your own country are not accepted in Mexico and when you have an accident or illness you need to know that you will receive the medical care necessary to take care of your medical care.


    Group Long Term International Medical

     Many people travel to Mexico for business or pleasure each year. When traveling for a company or organization as a group, companies need to have a Group Long Term International Medical plan in place. Smart planning for your group to be able to avoid potential hazards that can happen when traveling. No matter how well a trip is planned, accidents do happen and making sure that your group is prepared with a quality group medical plan is not only financially smart, but is also a potential life saver when emergency care is needed the most.


    Air Evacuation

    Frontier Medex knows that all too often when traveling, people have a wide range of needs to Air Evacuation. Air Evacuation services can range from transporting someone to the closest medical facility when care is needed or to their own home country when medical care may be inadequate for the medical services necessary. It also helps when people who take medications for chronic or life threatening illnesses may arrive and find that they have left their medications behind and need to get them in an emergency situation. Air Evacuation insurance is essentially insurance that travels with you and will transport you to where you need to be if you find yourself facing an urgent medical situation.


    Trip Interruption and Protection

    When you already have a Health Plan in place, you’ll want to add a Trip Interruption and Protection plan to the policy as well. With a Trip Interruption and Protection plan you’ll have the comfort of knowing that if you need to cancel your trip due to most things ranging from cancelled flights, company layoffs, or even terrorism, your trip is covered and you won’t be out of the extra expenses that you would without a policy in place.


    Student International

    West Coast Mexico Insurance offers both citizens of the United States as well as non-United States citizens a variety of affordable Student International health insurance plans. With coverage’s from accidents and health to air evacuation, we have policies that will cover all of your needs.


    Marine Crew Medical

    With the influx of new and competitive employment on luxury yachts and in the shipping industry, making sure that your employees have the option to competitive Marine Crew Medical Insurance is essential. With a wide range of policies to choose from, we have everything that you and your employees need in a Marine Crew Medical policy.


    California Health Plans

    Now that Health Coverage is mandatory, we have a full line of health coverage to cover all of your medical needs. We offer plans that have preventive care at no out of pocket cost to you, no pre-qualifying medical exams and a wide choice of doctors so that you can receive the quality care that you need and want.


    U.S Short Term Medical

    When you find yourself suddenly unemployed or no longer covered under your parent’s health plan, West Coast Mexico Insurance has a variety of affordable and quality short term medical policies that will allow you to have medical care covered even when you’re between jobs and still need health care coverage. Short term coverage is an excellent choice for those who are without health coverage and need coverage to begin immediately.


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