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Are You Protected from the Unexpected in Mexico?Providing Asset & Health Protection for Our Clients Since 2004

West Coast Mexico Insurance Services


West Coast Mexico Insurance Services

Mexico Pet Insurance

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West Coast Mexico Insurance

West Coast Mexico Insurance is a Full Service Insurance Agency working with Global & Mexico Insurance Carriers who are dedicated to safeguarding their insured’s and providing the very best asset Protection in Mexico and worldwide. Regardless of whether you plan to drive into Mexico for a short vacation or business trip, or if you’re an ExPat living in Mexico, we have an insurance policy for all of your individual needs. Mexico Auto Insurance and Mexico home Insurance policies are available at rates that will suit any financial budget. If you plan on driving your own vehicle into Mexico from the United States, your United States Auto Insurance policy will not cover you in Mexico. You must protect yourself & your car with n insurance policy written by a Mexico insurance carrier that is approved in Mexico. If you don’t have the correct Mexico insurance and are in an accident you can not only be held financially liable for very costly repairs, but you could also be detained by the Mexico police. West Coast Mexico Insurance has been providing Asset & Health Insurance protection in Mexico and Globally since 2004.

 Mexico Car Insurance

People often find it difficult to decide on a Mexican Auto Insurance policy as many are written in Spanish and can be confusing to read through. West Coast Mexico Insurance makes choosing  Mexico Auto Insurance easy and simple. We provide online Mexican Auto insurance quoting from more the 5 preferred Mexico insurance companies allowing you to select the Mexico Car Insurance that fits your budgets and needs. Purchase your Mexico Auto Insurance in just a few easy steps online in the comfort of your own home. You will be emailed your Mexican Car Insurance policy to print and put your Car before driving across the border into Mexico.

 Mexico Home Insurance

Many people relocate to Mexico and live as ExPats. When you decide to move to Mexico to live and purchase a home, you’ll need a reliable Mexico Home Insurance policy. We have been focused on asset protection in Mexico since 2004 and pride ourselves on being here for our clients to help answer any and all questions that they may have about Mexican home insurance. We educate our clients on true replacement cost and the full value of your possessions. When selecting Mexico Home Insurance, it is important to educate yourself to understand what perils in Mexico that can affect your home, such as Earthquakes and Hurricanes.

 Mexico Condo Insurance

We go that extra mile to make sure that condo life is the good life for our clients who purchase condos in Mexico. We fully explain each detail of the policy chosen and we give a full report of construction cost and property value where your condo is located. We put your policy together and make sure that you don’t spend more on Mexico Condo Insurance than you should be. We want to make sure that you have the coverage necessary for the unexpected accidents, possible flooding, and other things that can affect your property value.

 Mexico Watercraft Insurance

When vacationing or living in Mexico many people essentially live on the beautiful open water. We offer the most distinctive watercraft protection available. From yachting to skiing, we have watercraft policies that will cover all of your worries from accidents to weather damage. Whatever you plan on doing on the water, from leisure to business, we work with you to find the best options and pricing on coverage available.

 Mexico Commercial Insurance

When working with commercial endeavors in Mexico, we work with Insurance Carriers who have the financial stability to pay claims when presented to them. We work with ALL RISK commercial projects from Commercial Transportation to Home and Condo building. We work closely with each client to know the risks that each individual company or business may face in Mexico and we help to put together the best policy needed to fully ensure your commercial business for any possible exposure you may face. We also work with you to get the best commercial liability policy for your commercial business with the best policy pricing that you will find.