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    Are You Protected from the Unexpected in Mexico?Providing Our Clients Asset & Health Protection Since 2004.

    Mexico Auto Insurance


    • ALL RISK Physical Damage **YES**
    • Collision & Upset **YES**
    • Uninsured Motorist **YES**
    • Partial Theft Included **YES**
    • Vandalism Included **YES**
    • Repairs in the U.S. OK? **YES**
    • Defense Costs & Attorney’s Fees Included **YES**
    • Bail Bonds Included **YES**
    • Towing Included **YES**
    • Occupants Covered Inside the Vehicle **YES**
    • Can I Add a Lien Holder on my Mexico Auto Insurance Policy **YES**
    • Mexico Auto Insurance Policies in English **YES**
    • Online Free No Hassle Quoting **YES**
    • Purchase Mexico Auto Insurance Online in Just a Few Simple Steps **YES**
    Easy, Online enrollment for your Mexican Car Insurance Protection. In just a few simple clicks you can enter the details of the Car requiring Mexican Auto Insurance and the date you need coverage to start. You will be sent your original policy by email and able to print your policy from the comfort of your own computer.

    Mexico Auto Insurance

    Welcome to West Coast Insurance Services, Mexico Auto Insurance Division. We are committed to our clients, providing the most extensive Mexican Car Insurance protection available in the republic of Mexico. Whether you are traveling to Mexico for a quick weekend getaway and need a short term Mexico Car Insurance policy or you keep your auto in Mexico all year round; we can assist with securing the protection you need and the Mexican Auto insurance coverage required by Mexico.

    West Coast Insurance Services has been specializing in Mexico Auto Insurance since 2004. We understand that Mexico Auto Insurance can be confusing and because of this we have simplified the buying process by creating an Online Mexican Auto Insurance quoting tool allowing our clients the ability to simply enter the details of your vehicle, chose the duration of time you would like coverage for in Mexico and in just a few simple clicks you will be provided multiple Mexico Auto insurance carrier options. These options will include multiple Mexico Car Insurance liability limits and options for coverage. We recommend our insured drive in Mexico with no less then $300,000.00 usd. of Mexico Auto Insurance Liability protection. Options of higher Liability limits are also available.

    We understand that clients want their Mexico Auto Insurance buying experience to be hassle free & easy. West Coast Mexico Insurance provides our clients policies in English with clear deductible options and the most comprehensive Mexican Auto Insurance Protection in Mexico.  

    Hauling a Trailer or a Boat into Mexico “No Probelmo” ** You will have the Option of including hauled items on your Mexico Car Insurance Application when quoting your vehicle for it’s journey into Mexico. 


    Territories in Mexico: Where are you Driving in Mexico? Mexico Auto Insurance Coverage

    Maps of Mexico - Mexico Auto Insurance


    Can I insure my auto in U.S. dollars?

    YES – ALL the Mexico Auto Insurance Policies we offer will show the value of your vehicle in dollars.

    Can I purchase a short term Mexico auto insurance policy?

    YES – Do you need Mexico Auto Insurance for only 1 day “No problem”, you will have the ability to select any duration of days for Mexican Auto Insurance protection up to 365 days of the year. **HINT: If you plan on taking more than 1 trip into Mexico during the year, you may find purchasing an Annual Mexico Car Insurance Policy, more cost effective.

    Can I purchase Mexico Car Insurance liability only for my Auto traveling into Mexico?

    YES – Flexible Mexico Auto Insurance with options to protect your vehicle for Liability only in Mexico or including a value of replacement cost. This coverage choice is up to you**

    Mexico Auto Insurance Coverage

    Mexico Auto insurance in the republic of Mexico is required when crossing into any Mexican territory! A majority of U.S and Canadian insurance carriers do not offer coverage extending into Mexico and in most cases the Mexican authorities will not accept a U.S or Canadian proof of insurance. It is important and strongly recommended to have a valid Mexican Auto insurance policy before crossing the border into Mexico. West Coast Mexico Insurance Services provides Mexican insurance for automobiles registered in the United States, Canada & Mexico. Clients have the option of purchasing a full coverage Mexico Auto Insurance policy or a Mexico liability Insurance only policy. In the event of a loss and/or unforeseen accident, be sure to have the proper limits of coverage for your Auto in Mexico.

    West Coast Global Insurance Services, have made the file building process simple by creating easy, online Mexico Auto Insurance Applications for U.S & Canadian Registered vehicles and also Mexico registered vehicles. If you are seeking Mexico Auto Insurance protection for a Vehicle Registered in Mexico please click on this Link to be taken to the appropriate page on our Website.

    We have 2 options for our clients for securing Mexico Auto Insurance Protection:

    1. Click on the Banner & GET A FREE QUOTE NOW for your U.S. or Canadian Registered Auto requiring Mexico Auto Insurance Protection.
    2. Complete Our Online Mexico Auto Insurance Application: This option will not secure protection & will not provide real time quotes however it will allow you to send all the details of your auto, motorcycle or motor home to a specialist in our office who can assist you with a more personalize quoting experience. 

    West Coast Mexico Insurance, Mexico Auto Insurance Application will populate in your web browser and can be completed in just a few minutes and submitted electronically with no faxing or scanning required. Please answer all the questions on the Mexico Auto insurance application as these are asked by the carriers and their underwriters.

    Crossing the Border & driving into Mexico Today or Tomorrow & Want to Secure Mexico Auto Insurance FAST !!
    If your auto is registered in the U.S. or Canada and want to Quote, Buy & Print your Mexico Auto Insurance policy in just minutes then click the link in this sentence to Buy your Mexico Auto Insurance in just a few easy steps.

    7 Things You Must Know about Mexico Auto Insurance

    **Not all Mexico Insurance Auto Carriers react the same way when it’s time to file a claim**

    Know your options when purchasing Insurance for your Mexico Travels. West Coast Mexico Insurance is dedicated to our clients and we are available to help you “Our Valued Client” with the decision making process and are happy to answer any questions that you may have about coverage options for your Mexico Auto Insurance Protection.

    Mexico Auto Insurance

    Are You Protected from the Unexpected?Providing Asset & Health Protection for Our Clients Since 2004.

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