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Hurricane Season! Are you prepared?

Hurricane Season! Are you prepared?   The 2012 Pacific Hurricane Season was/is scheduled to take place between mid May (May 15th) and November 30th. Hurricane season started a bit earlier this year when Aletta started building on May 12th and it hit the south-southwest of Acapulco, Mexico. According to the Climate Prediction Center, the season is likely to have 30% below normal events, 50% near normal events, and 20% above normal events. Climatologist working at the center stated that there will be anywhere from 12-18 named storms, 5-9 of them are likely to become hurricanes and they are even saying

October 6, 2015 No Comments admin Weather Alerts, Weather in Mexico

Earthquakes! Baja, Mexico!

Earthquakes! Baja, Mexico! B.C, Mexico We are in the middle of Hurricane Season for B.C.S, Mexico! We are here to provide FREE Mexico Insurance reviews for your home in Mexico to make sure you are properly insured in the event of a catastrophic event. Earthquakes in Mexico ! There has been two Earthquakes reported in the Baja Peninsula in one day! Yes, you have read right! Two earthquakes in one day in the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. According to www.USGS.Gov the earthquakes occurred 07/10/2012. The first earthquake was a 3.1 and the second earthquake was 2.6. Although these earthquakes are

October 6, 2015 No Comments admin Weather Alerts