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Boat-Yacht Insurance in Mexico

Boat-Yacht Insurance in Mexico   Mexican Boat Liability Insurance is recommended if you have your Boat down in Mexico. Many Marinas are requiring at least this basic coverage in Mexico if you dock your boat with them. With so many unknowns that come about when purchasing insurance in Mexico it is imperative for you to work with a trust worthy company that has done the homework for you. West Coast Global Insurance Services can assist with securing Mexico Boat Liability Insurance or even a full coverage Boat or Yacht policy to help protect you while you are traveling in Mexico.

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What you need to know when Sailing or Boating in Mexico!

What you need to know when Sailing or Boating in Mexico!   Sailing to Mexico or sailing in Mexico can be extremely fun and filled with adventures. Whether you are just cruising or fishing, below are some helpful preparation tips! The Boat – The size of the boat isn’t nearly as important as the quality. Make sure the boat has been built, designed and maintained for open-ocean sailing. A boat designed for lake sailing is not recommended for rough winds or weather. The Gear – Although a lot of people load their vessels with a lot of gear, some being

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Sport Fishing in Mexico!

Sport Fishing in Mexico! Mexico’s National Aquaculture and Fishing Commission (CONAPESCA) welcome’s YOU to practice and enjoy sport fishing in inland and ocean waters of Mexico! The Mexico Federal Law requires a fishing license anytime you cross into Mexican waters! Everyone fishing from a boat regardless of age or nationality must have a Mexican Fishing license. If you are NOT fishing, as long as there is fishing equipment on board, fish or even fish parts you will need a Mexican Fishing License. The licenses for fishing is actually not difficult to obtain but we recommend getting one before you set

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Mexican Sport-Fishing Regulations! Helpful Tips and Information

Mexican Sport-Fishing Regulations! If you are going to be fishing in Mexico we have gathered some helpful tips to keep in mind! Mexico has very strict regulations and laws for fishing!   When operating a vessel in Mexican waters that has fishing equipment in it, Mexico requires that you hold a fishing license for everybody aboard the boat, regardless of age and whether they are fishing or not. A fishing license is not required if fishing by land. Only one rod or line with hook is permitted in the water, per person, however there is no restriction regarding the number

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Five Reasons Why Mexico Watercraft Liability Insurance is Important in Mexico

Five Reasons Why Mexico Watercraft Liability Insurance is Important in Mexico If you’re planning to drive your boat or yacht while you’re in Mexico, then it’s only wise to obtain Mexico watercraft liability insurance. You never know when something could go wrong and the last thing you want to have to worry about after an accident is paying out of your own pocket for the damage caused. With Mexico boat insurance, you can avoid this problem. Having Mexican yacht insurance comes with a lot of great benefits. Here are a couple of reasons why you should obtain Mexican boat insurance

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Safety Tips – Protecting your Home in Mexico in the event of a Hurricane or Strong Tropical Storm

Safety tips for protecting you home in Mexico is essential because there is always a possibility that a hurricane or strong tropical storm will make landfall in the area. Aside from getting enough Mexico home insurance to cover any losses you may sustain, residents should also take measures for protecting your home in Mexico. The need for safety tips for protecting your home in Mexico On average, about 10 strong tropical storms and 6 hurricanes develop over the Atlantic Ocean, affecting the US, Mexico and the Caribbean. Two will most likely turn into major hurricanes which rate a category 3

How do Traffic Laws in Mexico differ from the United States?

Mexico car insurance and other traffic laws serve to differentiate Mexico and the United States. They may share a border, but do not make the mistake of taking it for granted that the laws that apply in the US will also apply in Mexico.   When traveling by car in Mexico, you are required to have valid and current Mexico car insurance policy for liability protection. In Mexico, it is illegal to drive a car without Mexico car insurance, and being caught without one especially in an accident is a criminal offense. It can land a person in jail, be

Two Important Insurance to Mexico Coverage’s Not To Go Without!

Insurance to Mexico is actually pretty straightforward, but it can be intimidating for some people who may be looking into it for the first time. There are some things about the required and recommended insurance to Mexico that the first time visitor to the country must know in order to ensure a safe and happy trip. Car insurance to Mexico is a must Most people will do very well in buses when visiting Mexico if there are no plans to go to out-of-the-way places. But if private transport is needed for whatever reason, it is a requirement to take out

7 Crucial details you should know before Renting a Car in Mexico

  Renting a car in Mexico is convenient Renting a car in Mexico may be the best way to get around if there are a lot of places you want to explore, or you are on a tight schedule. The bus service in Mexico is good, but it will not always go to the places you want to go to, or the routes take too much time. The highways are easy to navigate and well-maintained, so driving is really a great way to see the sights. However, there are some crucial things that you need to know when renting a

Bringing your Boat to Mexico! – Don’t forget your Mexico Boat Liability Insurance!

If you are bringing your boat of more than four and a half meters long into Mexico for any reason, you will most probably need Mexico boat liability insurance. Water transportation in Mexico can be tricky because of the political repercussions. Among the documents you need to enter Mexican waters are: Proof of ownership or lease agreement in your name Proof of residency or citizenship in the US or other foreign country Tourist card or Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMM) Temporary Import Permit (TIP) or Importacion Temporal de Embarcaciones for the vessel (if by sea) or the trailer (if over land)