Car Insurance in Mexico – 5 Important Things to Consider before Crossing the Border into Mexico

Most travelers know the importance of having adequate insurance when going to foreign countries, but many Americans and Canadian’s who cross the border seem to forget that they are no longer in the US/Canada. There is a very real danger of getting into serious trouble if you don’t have acceptable insurance, and this is especially true for car insurance in Mexico. Here are 5 important things to consider before crossing the border into Mexico.

Car insurance in Mexico is mandatory

The Mexican government requires liability car insurance in Mexico. There are no ifs, whens and buts about it. If you are driving in Mexico and fail to provide proof of car insurance in Mexico, it is a criminal offense. You will be subject to fines and a term of imprisonment even if no accident has happened. If you are caught uninsured in the wake of an accident, you also become civilly liable for any personal injury and property damage claims.

Liability car insurance in Mexico does not cover anything outside third party liability

While you cannot be held liable for any injury or damage that occurs to a third party in an accident, your own personal expenses for injury or property damage is not covered. The costs of repair or replacement for your car will be out-of-pocket. If you are using a rental, the rental company will charge your credit card for the total value of the vehicle. This applies to a liability ONLY policy.

Mortgaged vehicles require car insurance in Mexico

In order to get a temporary import license when bringing a mortgaged car into Mexico, you need to show proof of car insurance in Mexico. Without acceptable car insurance in Mexico, you could be denied entry into the border and considerable time and expense in purchasing one there and then. Don’t leave the purchase of mandatory and recommended car insurance in Mexico to the last minute; you will get stressed, probably pay more than you should, and even be victimized by unscrupulous insurance providers who will not be able to help you if there is trouble across the border. It is more convenient and practical to arrange for car insurance coverage prior to crossing the border into Mexico.

Not all car insurance in Mexico is created equal

Just as you should be careful when getting insurance in the US, you need to deal with a reputable company in getting car insurance in Mexico. Not all companies offering this are reputable, and some are not accredited by the Mexican government. Do your homework before making your purchase.

The best type of car insurance in Mexico to get is one that you can do research on before purchasing. Many companies in the US have a reputable tie-up with companies authorized to provide car insurance in Mexico, and most of these offer online quotes and application process. Look for accreditations with insurance associations and business organization watchdogs to make sure that you are getting the coverage you need and the best value for your money. Make sure that your car insurance in Mexico also includes legal assistance. West Coast Mexico Insurance provides special lines policies and standard car insurance in Mexico policies! Contact us today!



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