What you need to know when

Sailing or Boating in Mexico!


Sailing to Mexico or sailing in Mexico can be extremely fun and filled with adventures. Whether you are just cruising or fishing, below are some helpful preparation tips!

  • The Boat – The size of the boat isn’t nearly as important as the quality. Make sure the boat has been built, designed and maintained for open-ocean sailing. A boat designed for lake sailing is not recommended for rough winds or weather.
  • The Gear – Although a lot of people load their vessels with a lot of gear, some being unnecessary here are some helpful and useful gear!
  1. EPIRB
  2. Coast Guard Required Safety Gear
  3. Life Raft
  4. Dinghy
  5. 3 Appropriate size anchors with appropriate size rods
  6. Compass
  7. At least 2 GPS’s
  8. VHF Radio
  9. Working Sails
  10. One set of charts and one cruising guide
  • Insurance – Insurance is strongly recommended! Mexican Liability is extremely important when sailing on Mexican waters. Whether you are cruising, whale watching or fishing. In the event of a loss or collision with another vessel having no Mexican Boat Insurance can cost you dearly. www.WestCoastRi.com offers watercraft insurance for your vessel!
  • Identification & Paperwork Below are some documents that are strongly recommended to bring with you and have for you and all the passengers in your vessel.
  1. Personal Identification Cards including Passports
  2. Mexican Tourist Visa
  3. Boat Documents (Registration, Etc)
  4. Fishing License
  5. Radio License
  6. Mexican Insurance



Happy Sailing!

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