What is Sentri?

Sentri is a fast track back to the United States and works exceptionally well for those who are frequent travelers to and from Mexico and the United States. Mexico Auto Insurance takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to Sentri.Using Sentri makes it possible for travelers to use the Ready Lanes and essentially quicken the entire process of going through customs and moving into the United States at a faster speed. Sentri was introduced many years ago and it makes the traveling speed much faster as well as safer for those traveling northbound into the United States. Where some may spend long time periods waiting in line for customs, Sentri card holders can typically be pushed through the lines within ten minutes or less.

Once a person is approved for Sentri, they will be issued a card called a Radio Frequency card. The RF card contains all of the information about the person that customs will need to check. Having all of the information included on the card makes it easier for customs and speeds up the time to pass through. To be able to use the Sentri card, all passengers in the vehicle must have a Sentri card to be able to use the Ready Lanes to pass through the process quickly. Sentri is a program that lasts five years. At the end of the five years, a re-registration is required to be able to continue the program. Sentri is available for use at all border crossings that accept Sentri. While not all crossings accept Sentri yet, the process is being worked on to eventually be accepted at all crossings in the future.


How Do I Apply and get Approved for Sentri?

For those travelers interested in applying for Sentri they may do so online with an easy to use application. They may also put in an application at Sentri enrollment centers or even at the border crossings in person. Minor children can submit an application as well. Parents and guardians must present all valid information for the minor and all paperwork must be completely filled out. Applying for Sentri is an easy process. Approval is based on whether the applicant is considered low or high risk. People who have a criminal history or convictions for violations and crimes will most likely not be eligible for Sentri due to their criminal history. When applying online or in person, there is an upfront fee of $25 (subject to change) too proceed with the application process. We strongly recommend securing your Mexico Auto Insurance policy before you cross the border.


What Does Sentri Cost?

Sentri is an affordable way to cross the border easily and efficiently. The cost for the Sentri program is $97. The $97 is additional to the $25 application fee and is per person. Each person applying for Sentri must register a vehicle at the time of application. The vehicle will be inspected at the border crossing where the application is being processed. All applications are individual only and cannot be registered to more than one person on an application. Sentri makes it possible to travel easily and quickly through the border crossings and for those who don’t want to wait in the long lines, being able to proceed through the Sentri lanes available will quickly reduce traffic and will ensure a more speedy travel process for all involved. To apply for a Sentri card online, you can go to http://www.cbp.gov/travel/trusted-traveler-programs/sentri/sentri-overview and fill out the application easily online. Don’t forget to secure your Mexico Auto Insurance policy before crossing the border!

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