What I Need to Know about Mexico Watercraft Liability Insurance Protection


When you’re planning on enjoying the beautiful coastal waters in Mexico by boat or watercraft, you need to make sure you have quality Watercraft Liability Insurance for all of your water excursions. Making sure that you, as well as any friend or business associate you take on the water with you are protected is highly recommended and allows for peace of mind in knowing that if an accident occurs while on the water, your friends or co-workers, as well as your watercraft, will be protected. When choosing a Watercraft Liability Insurance policy, you need to make sure the coverage you select will cover you in the area that you’re going to be on the water.

A good liability insurance policy will cover the cost of repair to other boaters if you are found at fault when a boating accident happens. Accidents happen every minute of every day, and having insurance coverage is necessary in order to prevent having to pay excessive amounts of money out of your own pocket, or even being taken to jail as the police investigate the boating accident to determine who is at fault. In Mexico, if you don’t have Watercraft Liability Insurance, the courts can, and usually do, find the one who does not have insurance responsible for the accident even if the accident may not have technically been their fault at all.

Watercraft Liability Insurance is very similar to Automobile Liability Insurance in that it will pay to repair or replace damaged property as well as cover medical expenses for the other party involved in the accident, or those who may be on your own boat or watercraft at the time of the accident if the coverage is selected.

You may also want to make sure that you have coverage that will cover the loss or expense to repair your own personal watercraft if you’re in an accident. A boat is a wonderful investment and should always have the proper insurance to cover all that could possibly happen while on the water. If your boat were to sink due to an accident or a severe storm, you would want to make sure that the cost of recovery or replacement is covered by the insurance; a full coverage policy is strongly recommended; Another thing you may want to consider is what you will do if you run out of fuel while on the water. Adding a good Emergency Assistance plan to your policy will ensure that if you’re stranded on the sea with no fuel, or if your engine fails, you can contact a company to refuel for you, or to tow your boat back to the slip.

Minor accidents on the water can be very costly without the proper insurance in place. It is definitely a smart suggestion to ensure all watercraft and boats have insurance before they ever head out on the water. Not only to protect the watercraft, but to make sure that the people aboard or other boats on the water will be covered if you are at fault in the case of an accident. Watercraft Liability Insurance will not only save you money out of pocket, but it will provide a true sense of security with knowing that all of your water adventures are covered when accidents may occur.



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