Top 7 Reasons People are Moving to Mexico

Why People Are Moving to Mexico

People from America and other countries are turning their eyes to Mexico as a permanent residence. This seems odd to some because we hear a lot about Mexicans jumping the border to leave Mexico, leading one to believe that Mexico is not a great place to live. Why else would people risk their freedom to illegally cross a border? Well, it turns out that there are a variety of reasons why Mexico is looking enticing to foreigners these days. Here is a list of the seven top reasons why people are becoming expatriates of Mexico.

The Great Weather

You can find great weather in places like Florida, California and even parts of Africa like Kenya, but Mexico’s year-round climate of 75 degrees of sunshine is appealing to many expatriates, especially in the Baja area. In states like Florida, the weather can easily turn from warm to extremely hot, making living their nearly unbearable. Mexico’s lovely weather is something that folks look at when deciding to vacation in or move to Mexico.

Retirement Haven

Where there’s great weather, you’re going to find expatriates who are retired. In fact, Mexico is known as being a Baby Boomer retirement hub. Mexico has been seeing the largest southern migration and real estate sales since the Civil War. A lot of Baby Boomers are seeing the benefits of relocating to Mexico after they’re retired. It was last recorded that Mexico has over 2 million U.S. and Canadian Baby Boomers living in Mexico. It’s expected that another 6 million will be coming to Mexico over the next 15 years.

Great Outlook for Mexico’s Economic Future

The banks in Mexico are strong and profitable. Stats show that there are a growing number of middle and upper middle class citizens. About 90% of homeowners in Mexico own their homes outright because of the residential financing Mexico introduced recently. The U.S. banks are currently battling for the American, Canadian and Mexican cross border loan business, which will prove to be a very safe and profitable business.

Leaving Behind the Hectic Life of the States

Compared to the constant rat race in many cities throughout the U.S. and Canada, a lot of expatriates are finding the slower-paced living in Mexico to be rather enticing. Like France, Mexico has a similar idea of what the fun and work ratio should be, allowing some worker to work from the comfort of their home.

Lower Cost of Living

The cost of living in Mexico is a lot more affordable when compared to other nations around the globe. You can find low property taxes in areas like Lake Chapala. Here, you can easily afford to have house help as well. Even the food prices are more affordable.

Great Residents

Unlike in New York and other major cities, you can find a lot of pleasant residents living in Mexico. Mexicans are known to be kinder. Although there are high crime rates in some areas, these are pretty much restricted to those locales. If you don’t live there, then you don’t really have to worry too much about it.

Low International Health Insurance Costs

One of the biggest debates we’ve been hearing a lot of lately is about health insurance. In Mexico, there’s no debate that the cost for international health insurance here is a lot more economical. You can find comprehensive and inexpensive health care plans here. In certain areas, you can have access to excellent hospitals that are clean and have high ratings for care provided. People all around the world come here for its reasonably priced plastic surgery and dental care, which costs 1/3 of what it does in America. For expatriates, international health insurance in Mexico will be found to be quite affordable.

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