The Risks of Not Having Travelers Health Insurance while Visiting Mexico!


Mexico is a beautiful place to visit, but like any country in the world, it can be a bit dangerous, depending on what parts you visit. You could end up getting hurt from natural disasters, criminals or while enjoying the great mountainous outdoors. Life itself is full of mysteries, so you’re never fully able to plan out everything to the T. Since this is so, it’s important that we try to take precautions to ensure that we’re able to get through problems that arise. In this case, obtaining short-term travel insurance would be ideal.

Traditional Domestic Insurance Plans Won’t Cover You

Some people believe that simply being insured in their home country will offer them coverage internationally. Of course, this isn’t true, especially in Mexico. If you read your health insurance plan, you will likely find that you won’t be covered in Mexico or other countries. The same goes for Medicare plans. Once you have confirmed this, you should look into purchasing short-term travel insurance for you and the loved ones that will be traveling with you. Some people purchase Mexican auto insurance plans, but keep in mind that these are usually limited to around $2,000 per individual, sometimes less and limited to coverage only offered if it involves a car accident.

For those who have U.S. health insurance that does cover Mexican travels, there are some hiccups that you should know about. For instance, you may still be required to pay for medical services in Mexico upfront, and then wait to be reimbursed by your health care plan provider and they might not reimburse the full amount. Some plans only offer coverage for a certain amount of days, so if you stay outside of that number, you will be in Mexico without health coverage. Then you’ll need to consider that some plans only allow you to be seen at a small list of clinics and facilities in Mexico. Make sure to speak with your health care insurance company to get the low down on your coverage plan to ensure that it is sufficient. If not, you can supplement it by using short-term travel insurance.

Air Evacuation Out of Mexico is Not Cheap

Mexico may be a developing country, but to use an Air Evacuation Service in the event of an emergency is costly. Say someone got hurt while out on a boat or hiking on a mountain, requiring a helicopter to lift them to the nearest hospital. The cost for air evacuation is upwards of $60,000 USD, which must be paid upfront in most cases. With Mexico travelers insurance you can safeguard yourself and your loved ones from these harsh expenses. There are some companies that have a 90-day waiting period for those with pre-existing medical conditions. West Coast Insurance offers air evacuation in their health plans, so make sure to check them out their plans.

The Health Care System in Mexico

The main reason why internationals should purchase Mexico travelers insurance is because the Mexican health care system only provides services to citizens and legal immigrants of Mexico, who are paying for coverage. There’s no reciprocal medical care available to foreigners, which means that you’ll be left to pick up the tab. It’s true that the health bills in Mexico are cheaper than in the United States, but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t exorbitant.

Other than the high costs, the Mexican health care system usually requires patients to pay upfront in order to receive health care. You’ll be asked for your credit card information before you’re even seen by a medical staff. A lot of U.S. citizens have complained about the inflated charges they receive at the medical facilities in beach resort locations thus making travelers insurance very important.

Purchasing Short Term Travel Insurance

Short term travel insurance, also known as emergency travel insurance, can be purchased for visits to Mexico. Although common diseases and minor injuries can be paid for affordably, if you or someone in your crew were to be injured severely, the costs will quickly escalate beyond your ability to pay. You should look for Mexico traveler’s insurance plan that will offer private hospital care and coverage for flying you back home if needed. It’s also a good idea to obtain a policy that will pay the doctor directly, versus reimbursing you later. In summary, your coverage should include:

  • Ambulance transports
  • Emergency flight home
  • Emergency 800 number with English-speaking staff
  • Direct payments
  • Private hospital stays

Keep in mind that some policies will not cover high-risk activities, such as bungee jumping, use of drugs and alcohol, and sky diving. Check into this if you plan to partake in adventurous activities during your stay in Mexico. The agents  at West Coast Global Insurance is able to explain the different types of policies available and fit a plan to your specific traveling needs.

To learn more about Mexican traveler’s insurance, visit today.

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