When tourists decide to drive into Mexico, one very important question always comes to mind?  “why do I need to purchase Mexico auto insurance?” There is a simple answer to this… because your US or Canadian insurance is not valid within the borders of Mexico. Mexican law requires you to have insurance purchased through a Mexican insurance company. So, if you plan on driving your auto into Mexico we strongly recommend you purchase Mexico auto insurance before crossing into Mexico.

Mexican Law requires that all autos driving in Mexico have a minimum amount of Mexico Liability coverage. This dollar amount has been set at a minimum of $300,000 US. Many tourists driving into Mexico find out the hard way, after an accident occurs, that they are not properly insured, which results in a financial hardship and legal nightmare. The only insurance recognized in Mexico is that insurance that is written by a Registered Mexico Insurance Company, not a US insurance company.

Many tourists may think, I have insurance, I’m covered. Well that’s just not the case. Mexican authorities only recognize Mexico insurance carriers. Mexico’s legal system, is not the same as the legal system in the US or Canada and tourists driving in Mexico need to take the proper steps to secure their Mexico Auto Insurance prior to crossing into Mexico territory.

When deciding where to purchase your Mexican auto insurance policy, be sure that the insurance agent providing you the insurance is a licensed insurance agent with knowledge of the laws in Mexico and the coverage’s required to safe guard your motor vehicle in Mexico.

Mexico Auto Insurance can be purchased in minutes online.  Mexico Liability Insurance Only can be secured or if you are seeking more asset protection for your auto when driving in Mexico then consider a full coverage policy including collision & upset, which will protect your auto damage or theft if you are found at fault. More importantly in the event the other party is not insured you will want to be sure you are covered with protection for Uninsured Motorist.

West Coast Mexico Insurance has you covered with multiple carriers to quote side by side allowing you to compare coverage’s & rates and select the company & policy that make the most sense for your trip across the border into Mexico.