The Importance of Having a Mexico Auto Insurance Policy

Driving a vehicle, whether your own or rent, can be scary in any foreign country that you visit. It’s important that if you plan to drive a vehicle in a foreign country, that you know the automotive laws in that country. A lot of people end up getting heavy fines or even thrown in jail when unknown laws are broken. Whether it’s speed limits, traffic laws or lack of auto insurance, travelers could end up facing legal problems that could take a very long time to solve. Unlike the United States or Canada, Mexico has a slow-working legal process that could have you in a jam for longer than you wish. To avoid all of this, it’s important that you obtain all of the necessary information and documentations necessary to drive into Mexico.


Your U.S/Canadian Auto Insurance Policy May Not Have Enough Coverage


One of the biggest reasons for why you should obtain Mexican auto insurance for your vehicle is because United States/Canadian auto insurance doesn’t always offer coverage in Mexico and if it does, it may not offer sufficient coverage. For instance, some American/Canadian insurance policies won’t cover accidents that take place in certain parts of Mexico. It’s important that you check into this if you plan to only have your U.S or Canadian auto insurance policy. A lot of people end up overlooking Mexico auto insurance policies because they feel that their trip is too short to obtain it. Low and behold, they get into an accident and are detained by Mexican authorities because they don’t have sufficient auto insurance. Not to mention your vehicle is impounded, which will cost even more money out of your pocket.
If you end up being the one at fault, you’re going to have to pay a lot of money to cover the damages caused by the accident. Sometimes, neither party is released from jail until an arrangement is made to pay for the damages. It’s important to keep in mind that anything can happen at any time during your trip to Mexico, so it’s best to be prepared. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to being at the mercy of a foreign country.


Mexican Officials Only Recognize Mexico Insurance Carriers


Imagine getting into a small fender bender while driving around enjoying a day or night in Mexico. You only have your U.S or Canadian auto insurance policy card because you decided against purchasing Mexican auto insurance for your trip. Now, you and the passengers of your car are in trouble because Mexico’s authorities don’t recognize foreign auto insurance. Since you don’t have a Mexico auto insurance policy, you’re more likely to end up getting arrested by the authorities. Accidents, major or minor, are not the only reason why you would need Mexican Auto insurance. If you violate a traffic law the Mexican authorities can stop you and ask for proof of Mexican Insurance.
Simply put, you’re going to need Mexican auto insurance if you plan to drive in Mexico. If you end up going to jail because of lack of auto insurance, you could be sitting there until all parties are satisfied with a financial arrangement to cover the expenses. With a liability Mexico auto insurance policy, you will have sufficient coverage to take care of the expenses incurred for persons who have been injured and vehicles that have been damaged in an accident caused by you. This makes a world of difference between getting away clean from an accident and having to deal with a rocky Mexican legal system.
Only some Canadian and U.S. auto insurance policies cover some physical damage and theft expenses, but if you read close, it may say that this coverage is only offered if you are within 10 miles of the U.S. / Mexican border line. Canadian and U.S. insurers don’t cover bodily injury, which is coverage you’ll need to have. Mexican auto insurance is very cheap, so there’s no reason why any driving traveler should have an excuse not to get it before crossing the border. At minimum, you should at least obtain the liability coverage from a Mexico auto insurance company like West Coast Global Insurance Services.


Renting a Car in Mexico


If you plan to rent a car instead of driving your own vehicle in Mexico, the same rules still apply. You’re going to need to purchase Mexican auto coverage for the duration of your stay. There are some Mexican auto insurance companies that offer plans for car rentals in Mexico. This way, if you end up getting in an accident you will be covered under your Mexican auto insurance policy. If you are pulled over by Mexican authorities for violating a traffic law they will ask for proof of Mexican insurance.


Bond & Legal Assistance Offered


West Coast Global Insurance Services is a provider of Mexico auto insurance. If you ever end up in a bind where you are arrested and awaiting bail, with a West Coast Global Insurance policy, you’ll be able to receive bond and legal assistance. This is a part of standard coverage, so it is not an additional charge. It’s important that you have access to legal help when you need it most. The last thing you want is for you and your family to be held in a holding cell because of a misunderstanding.
West Coast Global Insurance offers an array of options for Mexican auto insurance policies available. This is very important because a lot of consumers like to have flexibility to get exactly the type of coverage they need. today to learn more about the Mexican auto insurance plans that are offered.

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