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My name is Brandon Byrne, I have lived in Cabo San Lucas for 3 years now and I’ve always understood the need for quality health insurance no matter where you live or travel.  I’d like to mention that I’ve never been without health insurance in my entire life.  I’ve searched extensively for insurance that was what I considered to be fairly priced and to my standards of taking care of the specific areas that were important to me I was unable to acquire insurance that I felt met my standards and budget.  After researching many different plans for a worldwide health insurance policy I was ready to give up.  When I was referred by a friend to Jason Wagner I finally realized my search was over.  The right price, plan and 100% transparent communication that gave me exactly what I almost figured was non-existent.  I’m pleased to have finally obtained my goal in giving myself the insurance that I deserved.  Jason is a definite go-to-guy and a one stop shop that works with the criteria that is realistic for an individual’s specific needs.  I highly recommend Jason and appreciate his help, again with excellent communication.

Brandon Byrne – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico