Difference between Mexico Auto Policy for Collision & Comprehensive Coverage and Liability-Only Coverage

Like in the United States, there are various types of Mexico auto insurance policy options in Mexico. You have the choice of choosing between liability coverage and collision & comprehensive coverage, also known as full coverage. Just like in Canada and the U.S.A., liability insurance offers less coverage and is cheaper, while collision & comprehensive insurance offers full coverage and costs a bit more. The cost for Mexican auto insurance varies, depending on the carrier that you decide to go with.

Mexican Liability Coverage

Mexican liability insurance is the cheaper option to go with and in most states in the republic of Mexico it is the minimum requirement. If you’re planning on visiting Mexico with a U.S. or Canadian registered vehicle, then your best bet is to get at least liability coverage from a Mexican auto insurance carrier. Even if you’re planning a one-day or weekend trip to Mexico, it’s better to be safe than sorry. This policy will provide you with 3rd party liability coverage, which means that you will receive benefits for bodily injuries and property damage caused by you.

At West Coast Insurance, you can receive additional coverage with your policy, known as bond & legal assistance. In the event that you get arrested, your policy will cover bond and legal help while in Mexico. There have been countless incidents where foreigners end up in jail after an accident. Having this assistance can help you get out of a legal jam quicker.

Mexican liability coverage also comes with medical payments. If someone is injured up to the amount of the coverage, then your benefits will cover the medical care costs of the accident.



Mexican Collision & Comprehensive Coverage

For some people, having full coverage is the best option and it is what we strongly recommend, this will offer you the same benefits of liability insurance, including 3rd party liability benefits for property damage and injuries, bond & legal assistance and medical payments. The additional benefits that you can receive with collision & comprehensive coverage are collision and theft. In the event that you are in an accident that is not your fault and the other driver does not have insurance or sufficient insurance, then your property damage and injuries will be covered anyway. Then if your vehicle is stolen, you will receive coverage for that as well.

Optional travel assistance is also available to full coverage policyholders, which will assist with obtaining car rentals, flights, hotel rooms and other accommodations in the event of an accident. If you’re a frequent traveler, then this could be added to your policy.

At West Coast Insurance, you will be able to browse through various Mexican auto insurance carriers for the perfect plan for you. Make sure that you don’t travel to Mexico without a proper Mexican auto policy. The need for Mexican auto insurance is due to the fact that U.S. and Canadian auto insurers have limited or no coverage for vehicles while it’s in Mexico. Plus, Mexican authorities don’t recognize foreign auto insurance, which could leave you behind bars and in financial trouble. Visit West Coast Insurance today to receive a free quote for Mexican auto insurance.