Safety tips for protecting you home in Mexico is essential because there is always a possibility that a hurricane or strong tropical storm will make landfall in the area. Aside from getting enough Mexico home insurance to cover any losses you may sustain, residents should also take measures for protecting your home in Mexico.

The need for safety tips for protecting your home in Mexico

On average, about 10 strong tropical storms and 6 hurricanes develop over the Atlantic Ocean, affecting the US, Mexico and the Caribbean. Two will most likely turn into major hurricanes which rate a category 3 or higher in the Saffir-Simpson scale with wind speeds of 111 mph. To minimize the damage, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) and National Weather Service (NWS) developed safety tips for protecting your home in Mexico.

Deaths from storms and hurricanes are mostly due to inland floods caused by the storm surge, or a wall of water from the ocean as much as 20 feet wide and 100 miles wide that sweeps towards the land, devastating coastal and other low-lying areas. Torrential rains sucked in by storms and hurricanes can also cause dams to burst, rivers to overflow, and streets to flash flood with serious consequences to life and property.

Being aware is one of the top safety tips for protecting your home in Mexico

They say that forewarned is forearmed. Hurricane warnings give a window of opportunity for homeowners to beef up safety precautions such as putting up shutters, securing loose equipment and furniture, as well as to stock up on essentials. It may also become necessary to move further inland, depending on the nature of the threat. Even if you have never borne the brunt of a really bad hurricane, you should always expect the worst. You cannot afford to be complacent or to ignore the warnings given by a local hurricane watch.

Safety tips for protecting your home in Mexico

Check your Mexico home insurance if it includes coverage for hurricane, water and wind damage. Some insurance companies may exclude this in the fine print so call your insurance company and confirm. If it is excluded, pay the extra cost of getting coverage.

Other safety tips for protecting your home in Mexico

  • Have someone clear out gutters and drains to prevent rain water from backing up and seeping into walls of your home
  • Have a water pump with a backup battery that will remove water logging inside the home
  • Place shutters on windows and glass portions of doors to prevent them from breaking
  • Secure roof sheathing to ensure it can withstand strong winds; secure loose furniture, tools and other paraphernalia outisde that may become projectiles when there are strong winds
  • Remove dead and overlying branches from trees that may get ripped off and smash into the home
  • Gather together emergency supplies such as a first aid kit, prescription medications, food enough for everyone for one week, battery-powered radio, power banks for cell phones, flashlights and sleeping bags
  • Secure valuable papers; remove to a secure, waterproof location such as a home safe or safe deposit box in the bank
  • Get important contact information for local emergency services and participate in any hurricane preparedness plan in the community

These are just a few safety tips for protecting your home in Mexico in the event of a hurricane or strong tropical storm. If an evacuation is necessary, these steps will ensure that any damage that may occur to your home will be minimized as much as possible. West Coast Mexico Insurance Services is always here to assist.