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The Impact of Hurricane Odile – September 2014

Hurricane Odile became one of the most intense situations ever witnessed on the Baja California Peninsula. It destroyed everything across the Southern peninsula in September of 2014. Hurricane Odile made landfall as a Category 4 at its peak of intensity in Cabo San Lucas and caused the most damage in the Los Cabos region. Upwards to the United States and Northern Baja did not see the impact caused by this massive storm. Hurricane Odile started as a tropical depression and began gaining momentum on September 10th, 2014.  

Hurricane Odile was being tracked as it headed northwestward. The status of tropical depression was about to change into a hurricane before it reached the biggest intensity on September 14.  The cyclone slowly decreased its power before it created landfall around Cabo San Lucas with winds at a speed of 200 km/hours. 

The emergency situation started earlier in the week in several cities in Mexico as 164 shelters were built to house 30,000 people. Approximately 26,000 foreign travelers were stranded after the impact of Hurricane Odile on the Southern Coastline of Baja.

Hurricane Odile brought heavy rain and a very strong Ocean Surge which took away most of the sand on Baja’s Beaches.

The total losses after this disaster was about $ 1.22 billion U.S. and 92% of the population of Baja California Sur were impacted with no power due to the wind and rain of this intense Hurricane. Mass destruction caused by Hurricane Odile impacted homes, commercial buildings & hotels. People began to panic about not having enough food and water and local stores were even looted by patrons located in this region of México.

Hurricane Odile caused the deaths of 15 people during its 9 days of destruction. The Southwestern United States was impacted by powerful thunderstorms and lots of rain.

Satellite Loop of Odile Making Landfall on September 15
Hurricane Odile 2014 making landfall.gif


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