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Top 11 Mexico Hurricane Tips

Mexico Hurricanes are dangerous catastrophic events that occur between May and November of each year and are birthed by warm waters & tropical cyclones. Hurricanes in Mexico are a serious matter and when there is a threat of a hurricane, it is best to take the necessary steps to safeguard yourself, loved ones, & of course your pets. If you own property in Mexico or travel to Mexico often it is best to plan ahead. The question is not if a hurricane will manifest itself this upcoming season, the question is when? We always hope for a mild hurricane season each year, however with as much change as we have seen in our climate it is best to plan for the worst case scenario and be prepared. Here are the top 11 Mexico hurricane tips to consider.

Hurricane Tracker1. Save Your Important Papers and Photos

Hurricanes bring rain, wind & debris. In the event of a hurricane heading your way, collect all important documents, such as passports, birth certificates, prescription cards, Phone numbers, deeds to your home, etc. Consider finding a dry safe place for your precious family photos. Purchasing a water-resistant container is always a wise decision to protect your most valuable papers & photos.

2.Take Pictures and Record Videos of Your Property

No one knows your home better than you do, and for this reason, it is recommended to walk through your home, outside & inside with your cell phone or video camera and video document each room in your home with a narrative explaining which room you’re in and what the contents are. In the event you need to file an insurance claim it is important to have visual documentation to show your adjuster, what your home looked like before the damage occurred.

3.Palm Trees & Upkeep of Outdoor Property

Flying debris is a cause of damage to property when hurricanes touch land due to the excessive wind speeds. Protect your home & neighborhood by removing dead palm and miscellaneous non-fixed outdoor property that can be picked by high wind speeds and fly through the air. Knowing that a hurricane is approaching, it is best to bring all patio furniture inside your home to remove from the violent outdoor elements caused by high wind speeds.

4.Roof Tiles & Proper Drainage

On an annual basis prior to hurricane season, it is best to check your roof for any loose tiles or roofing materials that need to be fixed. Due to high winds during a hurricane, roof tiles are an easy target to be ripped off and fly through the air to cause damage to property. Loose tiles can also result in causing water leaks inside your home. Be sure your home has the proper drainage so when the rain comes, your home has no locations where water can gather.

5.Hurricanes are NO Joke – Safeguard you & your Family in a Safe Place

Neighborhood evacuations are common during a strong hurricane for obvious reasons. Collect your loved ones & important belongings and find a safe hotel or a safe zone with friends & family that is out of the direct path of the hurricane.

6.Pets during a Mexico Hurricane & what you should think of

Pets, some of our closest family members. It is important to prepare for your animals as well and be sure to plan to have additional medications and pet food. Your pet does not know anything about the hurricane danger, so you have to take care of your pet and secure them as the loud noises from a hurricane can spook an animal and cause them to run off and hide.

7.Plan ahead and have these important items

There are some items that are a must to have during a hurricane. Medications, Extra clothes, towels, generator, batteries, extra cash, flashlight, 2 cases of bottled water, nonperishable foods like protein bars, snacks, cereal and crackers, toilet paper, and much more. If you have a baby, you will also need diapers, formula, baby wipes and baby food. A first Aid kit is also very important to have nearby in the event you or someone in your family is injured by flying debris or cut from broken glass, having a first aid kit available is essential in the event of an unforeseen accident.

8.No Electricity during the Mexico Hurricane

You have to keep in mind that some electronic devices like ATM machines and banks will not be operating for several days, therefore it is important to have hard cash in hand. In addition, there will be no TV or video games to keep your children occupied. A suggestion is to prepare a box of interactive games, crayons and art crafts to keep them entertained.

9. HVHZ Storm Shutters Protecting ALL Exterior Openings of Your Home. HVHZ (High-Velocity Hurricane Zone) professionally made exterior storm shutters covering all the openings of your home is the Best measure of protection for your home. HVHZ Storm Shutters will take the brunt of the wind and rain and is a Highly Recommended and actually required by Most Insurance carriers offering Hurricane Protection in Mexico.

10. Mexico Home & Condo Insurance Protection

Most property owners agree that a catastrophic event such as a hurricane in Mexico is one of the biggest threats to cause damage to your most valuable asset in Mexico. West Coast Global Insurance provides Hydro-Meteorological Phenomenon also known as Hurricane Coverage. “A” Rated Mexico Carriers with the financial backing to weather the next Hurricane Odile.

11. Finally, You Need to Stay Inside

During a Mexico Hurricane, you should not leave a protected 4 wall environment. Leaving your home and going outside is not recommended. The potential of flying debris is highly probable and a hurricane in Mexico is a serious matter that should not be taken lightly.

*Be sure that your Mexican home policy Insures your home for hurricane damage and that you meet the requirements by your insurance policy.

Hurricanes are serious business. Weather forecasters can only predict so much. Educate yourself and stay on top of weather updates in your area.

There is no harm in being overly cautious when it comes to protecting your home & family. It truly is better to be safe than sorry.

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