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Is your Vehicle Registered in the United States, Canada or in Mexico?Click on the Image Where your Vehicle is Registered.

When crossing the border and driving in Mexico, Mexico Auto Insurance should not be overlooked for many reasons. When driving in Mexico, your car must have the correct Mexican Car Insurance protection underwritten by a Mexico Insurance company. Failure to have minimum coverage of at least Mexican Insurance liability protection in Mexico can put you behind bars. Remember in Mexico your are guilty until proven innocent, unlike the United States where you are innocent until proven guilty.

Please find below 2 boxes that will provide you more detailed information based on where your car is registered. If your vehicle is registered in the United States or Canada then you will need to click on the box on the left to learn more about Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance.

If your vehicle is registered in Mexico then please click on the box on the right side to learn more about Mexico Registered Resident Auto Insurance.

Specification of Risks and Limits (Mexico Tourist Auto Insurance Policy)

Risk 1. Collision, Upset, and Glass Breakage (obligatory deductible*) covers damage to the insured unit.
Risk 2. Fire & Total Theft (obligatory deductible*), Lightning, Strikes, Popular Uprisings, Windstorms, Cyclone, Hurricane, Hail, Earthquake, Volcanic Eruption, Flood, Explosion, Landslide, and Cave-in, covers damage to the insured vehicle.
Risk 3. Property Damage and Risk 4. Public Liability Bodily injury to parties other than the insured and property damage resulting from the use of the insured vehicle–$150,000 (U.S.) Combined Single Limit (CSL). (Coverage does not apply to occupants of the insured vehicle.)
Risk 5. Medical Payment covers expenses incurred by the occupants of the insured vehicle as a result of bodily injuries sustained aboard said vehicle caused by fire, collision, and/or upset (limited to $5,000 U.S. per person, $25,000 (U.S.) per occurrence). The Mexican Insurance company shall pay funeral expenses (to a maximum of 25% of the per person limit), and ambulance service.
Current Market Value
In case of a total loss, the company will adjust of the basis of the actual cash value at the time of the accident. It is imperative that a realistic current market value of your vehicle be determined/ Under-insuring your vehicle(s) may result in financial penalties in the event of a loss.

  1. There is an Obligatory Deductible for Collision, Upset and Glass Breakage that is applied for each accident and each described vehicle, boat, or trailer of $500. (U.S.) per loss.
  2. Total Theft – $1000 (U.S.) per loss.
  3. Fire, Lightening, strikes, popular uprisings, cyclone, hurricane, windstorms, hail, earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood, landslide, cave-in, and explosion – $500 (U.S.) per loss.
Important: Immediately after the occurrence of an accident covered by your policy, please contact the nearest claims agent (adjuster), and refrain from entering into agreements and arrangements with the other party until the adjuster is present.

Claims may be reported to any adjuster on your adjuster list in Mexico. The required premiums must be paid on or prior to the effective date of this policy.

IMPORTANT: Boat coverage under this certificate is limited to physical damage sustained while boat is being towed by or attached to the towing vehicle provided that full coverage has been purchased and the required premium has been paid.

This policy applies only within the Republic of Mexico.
COMMERCIAL CARAVAN for Commercial Caravan coverage (must be approved & endorsed onto policy).

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