Is car insurance in Mexico mandatory?

Car insurance in Mexico is required by law for all drivers in the country, including tourists. This is limited to liability insurance, which covers personal injury and property damage to a third party. It is also necessary that the car insurance in Mexico is via a company accredited by the Mexican government to provide coverage.

Amount required for mandatory car insurance in Mexico

The minimum required by the government for your liability car insurance in Mexico various from State to State. However, in case of an accident and the extent of the damage is beyond the limit of the insurance you carry, you will be liable for the excess amount. In general, it is best to get the same amount of liability coverage as you have back in the US. For rented vehicles, most will already include liability car insurance in Mexico in the rental fee, but it may not be adequate. Raise your concern with the rental agent and go over your lease contract with him or her.

Using US car insurance in Mexico

Mexico does not recognize liability insurance from a company not accredited by the government to issue car insurance in Mexico. So even if you have extremely good coverage in your US policy, you still need to get liability coverage specifically for Mexico. It is possible that your US insurance will cover personal injuries and own damages to the car, but it may be for a limited time and distance from the border, usually for a few days and not exceeding 50 miles from the border but keep in mind a U.S/Canadian policy is not valid in Mexico as it is not accredited by the Mexican Government.

Being caught with no car insurance in Mexico

If for whatever reason authorities stop you and ask for your liability car insurance in Mexico, make sure that you have it on hand, and have copies on your person as well. Failure to show proof of liability insurance while driving in Mexico is a criminal offense, and can earn you jail time and a fine. If you are in an accident and you don’t have acceptable liability insurance, you will definitely be put in jail; you will only be released if you pay for all costs of the property damage and personal injuries you caused.

Grounds for terminating car insurance in Mexico

Being caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI) in Mexico can lead to the nullification of your car insurance in Mexico. So if you are involved in an accident and you are proved to have been DUI, then your insurance company is under no obligation to cover your costs even if you had purchased adequate coverage. As a bonus to the huge bills that you will be liable for, you may also face criminal charges for DUI.

Driving without car insurance in Mexico is not only a bad idea, it is illegal. Since purchasing a good policy online has been made so easy, there is really no reason not to have it. So before heading out over the border, make sure that you have enough car insurance in Mexico to ensure an enjoyable trip. Visit your for competitive quotes and coverage’s.

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