Mexico is a country home to vast geographical diversity and climate. The weather patterns vary by region and season. In Mexico, tropical storms and hurricanes are prevalent in July through October, which are incidentally the hottest months of the year. The occurrences of hurricanes force storms decline substantially when temperatures fall from November onward.

Mexico is surrounded by oceans on both sides of the grand country, the Pacific Ocean on the West and the Gulf of Mexico (North Atlantic Ocean) to the east. In the summer season, when temperature levels reach peak position in the northern hemisphere, Mexico can be host to large cyclones and hurricanes. These powerful storms originate over ocean masses and intensify in strength, eventually touches land. Most on the Pacific front and less often along the coasts of Yucatán Peninsula or The Gulf of Mexico.

Known more as Tropical Cyclones, hurricanes, like quakes, are uncertain occurrences. Hurricanes are termed as a cyclone of the highest magnitude when wind speeds hit approximately 74 miles per hour. Hurricanes can cause considerable damage to residential or commercial property near the coastal area. Where it touches the land mass, and its remnants usually are incessant rains in the impact circle further away from the coast.

With the advent of advanced weather monitoring systems, weather satellite coverage, communication technology and hi-tech construction techniques have significantly mitigated much of the human peril connected with tropical storms. However, nothing can be said to be entirely immune to nature’s fury. As the strongest hurricanes can and do cause extensive damage to property, severely affect transportation systems, disrupt communications, and power systems.

One of the most notable hurricanes to hit Mexico in the recent years was “Wilma” that struck Yucatán Peninsula in 2005. It caused widespread devastation to the Cancún environment. Another one was “Hurricane Patricia” in 2015, it was described as “The second-most intense tropical cyclone on record worldwide,” winds were around 150 mph (240 km/h). When it touches near Cuixmala, Mexico. It is estimated that the damages caused by it were around half a billion USD. AS expected, the anticipated widespread destruction and casualties did not come to pass. Of course don’t forget about Hurricane Odile in 2014 that struck down on Southern Baja with claims and damages reaching One Billion Dollars.

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