Mexico car insurance and other traffic laws serve to differentiate Mexico and the United States. They may share a border, but do not make the mistake of taking it for granted that the laws that apply in the US will also apply in Mexico.


When traveling by car in Mexico, you are required to have valid and current Mexico car insurance policy for liability protection. In Mexico, it is illegal to drive a car without Mexico car insurance, and being caught without one especially in an accident is a criminal offense. It can land a person in jail, be subject to large fines and be liable for any injuries and property damage as a result of any accident in Mexico.


Another thing different about travel laws in Mexico is the need for a temporary import license if you are bringing a non-Mexico registered vehicle beyond the free zone (about 18 miles from the border). There is nothing like that in the US for incoming vehicles. One of the things you need for getting a temporary import license is Mexico car insurance. Without Mexico car insurance, you will be denied the import license. If your vehicle is mortgaged, you also need to provide a certificate from the lienholder company allowing the crossing of the vehicle into another country.


Traveling in Mexico by car is also a bit iffy for those used to the roads, highways and driving culture in the US. For one thing, many of the roads and highways in Mexico are riddled with potholes and rocks, so you could find yourself up the creek without an axle if you go too fast. It is not considered a good idea to drive in Mexico at night as the roads are not well-lit. Even if you have complete coverage with Mexico car insurance you can still find yourself in a bit of a pickle so be cautious. It is also recommended that you travel on toll roads when available as they are in better condition.


The speed limit on most roads is about 48 mph or 80 kmh, and if you get a traffic ticket, you can actually get a ticket and pay the fine in the US. However, you can also choose to pay the fine directly to the police officer to avoid hassle. Other laws that can earn you a ticket and fine in Mexico are:

  • Not using the seat belt
  • Running a red light or stop sign
  • Driving while under the influence or simply having an open bottle in the car
  • Different States have different laws

Traveling by car in Baja Mexico is the best way to see the sights in the country. You should be aware, however, of the important things you need to have before embarking on a road trip in Mexico, not the least of which is valid Mexico car insurance.