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    ~GLOBAL HEALTH INSURANCE – NO Restrictions on Nationality~

     ARE YOU? 
    • An EXPAT Living Outside Your Home Country at Least 6 Months of the Year?
    • A Frequent Traveler Taking Multiple Trips Outside Your Home Country Annually?
    • Seeking Global Financial Protection in the Event of an Unforeseen Accident or Illness?
    • To Pay the Medical Expenses Related to a Catastrophic Medical Event when Hospitalized in Mexico?
    • To be Financially Responsible 100% in the Event of an Unforeseen Accident/Illness or Manifested Health Condition?
    • Medicare Only Provides Health Protection in 3 Very Unique Situations when Physically Located Outside the U.S?
    • If you Rely on your Domestic Health Coverage to Protect for Medical Expenses, when you Travel Internationally that you are Responsible to have your Medical Records and Receipts Translated into English before they will Reimburse You?
    • If your Domestic Health Provider does not deem your Medical Situation to be an Emergency they do Not have to Pay your Claim?

    The Importance of Global Health Insurance

    Important of Global Accident & Illness Travel Medical Insurance

    What type of International Health Plan is Right for you & your Family??

    Whether you are an Expatriate living in Mexico or another part of the world full time with an occasional trip back to your home country, we have Long Term Major Medical International Insurance plans to protect you from a financial burden.

    Perhaps you are an Occasional Traveler out of your home country a few times a year or on a more regular basis. We offer International Travel Medical Plans for Single Trips or Annual plans for the more frequent traveler.

    Understanding the difference between an Accident & Illness Travel Medical Plan and a Long Term Global Major Medical Plan.

    Please find below a quick overview so there is no mistake in the style plan that is best suited for you & or your family.  

    Global Insurance Plan Types & Services

    GLOBAL Insurance Carriers (Which Carrier & Plan is Right for me?)

    We are here to help find the medical protection that BEST meets your individual or family traveling needs.

    West Coast Global Insurance Services is a preferred agency with working partnerships with Insurance Carriers serving our clients worldwide with first class Insurance Protection.

    We invite you to contact our office today so we may assist with a more personal approach and assist with any additional questions you may have. Most of the carriers we work with allow FREE No Hassle Online quoting so you can see the cost and analyze which plan best suits your medical needs. We are here, of course, to help you with the decision process to be sure you are selecting the best option.

    Are You Protected from the Unexpected ?Providing Our Clients Asset & Health Protection Since 2004.

    Do You Have Questions About Global Health Insurance?

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    Disclaimer: Read your policy conditions as not all global  carriers provide the same types of coverages & deductibles. Coverages can vary based on insurance carriers and optional coverages. West Coast Global Insurance Services does not guarantee coverages.