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West Coast Global Insurance Services Assists You Adequately to Insure Your Prized Possessions

All-natural calamities have the capacity to upset lives drastically. Hurricanes rip through hometowns, only leaving rubble in its wake. Hurricanes combine several forces of nature, including torrential rains, high-speed destructive winds, and severe tornadoes, leaving survivors to gather up the pieces — both financially and emotionally.  In Mexico, hurricane season extends from June to end of November each year. Mexico has a 9,330 km (5,800 mi) of coastline that extends on both sides of the country, in East and West. On the west side, the country is subjected to “Pacific Ring of Fire” & on the eastern coast, The Gulf

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Hurricanes & Cyclones in Mexico

Mexico is a country home to vast geographical diversity and climate. The weather patterns vary by region and season. In Mexico, tropical storms and hurricanes are prevalent in July through October, which are incidentally the hottest months of the year. The occurrences of hurricanes force storms decline substantially when temperatures fall from November onward. Mexico is surrounded by oceans on both sides of the grand country, the Pacific Ocean on the West and the Gulf of Mexico (North Atlantic Ocean) to the east. In the summer season, when temperature levels reach peak position in the northern hemisphere, Mexico can be

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6 Important Questions Answered About Mexico Home Insurance

West Coast Mexico Insurance understands that purchasing Mexico Home Insurance can be a BIG learning curve if you have never purchased this type of insurance in Mexico before!! Whether you are Buying Mexico Home Insurance for the first time or you have owned a home in Mexico for many years, these 6 important questions answered about Mexico Home Insurance will be helpful during the review & buying process. 1) How do I calculate the replacement cost of my home in Mexico? ANSWER: The easiest way to calculate the replacement cost of your home in Mexico is by multiplying the square

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The Importance of Mexico Home & Condo Insurance

You would be surprised that many new home & condo buyers in Mexico neglect to insure their investment the day they take possession of their most valuable asset in Mexico. When purchasing a home or condo in Mexico Insuring your investment is just as important in Mexico as it is in the United States or Canada.  The same exposures and more exist in Mexico as they do in any other part of the world. Insuring your property in Mexico should be part of your budget when planning to invest in Mexico. Securing the insurance for your home or condo in