The importance of car insurance in Mexico

Most people who go to Mexico spend more time on what to wear than getting car insurance in Mexico. That should not be the case at all. Mexico requires that all cars have sufficient car insurance in Mexico from an insurance company accredited by the Mexican government. Failure to produce proof of adequate liability car insurance in Mexico is a criminal offense.

Car insurance in Mexico needs to be from a valid company

Mexico and the US are separated by an invisible line, so most Americans make the mistake of thinking that their insurance from an American company can be used to provide them with coverage while in Mexico. This is not true at all. It will not matter how comprehensive the coverage is; liability insurance from a US company is not acceptable in Mexico. The law is quite clear on this. This is because US-based company have been known to deny coverage when the insured is traveling in a foreign country. To avoid this, the Mexican government mandates that minimum car insurance in Mexico has to come from a company accredited to provide coverage in Mexico.

Actually, many insurance companies in the US may cover their insured a few miles into Mexico for a restricted period, but that is not enough coverage. Moreover, it is recommended that people driving in Mexico should have personal injury and collision damage aside from liability insurance. Taken together, these will cover damages to the driver’s and those of his passenger’s own persons as well as the vehicle. Liability insurance will only cover injuries and damages sustained by the other party.

New caps on car insurance in Mexico for death liability

Recently, the Mexican government raised the cap for a driver’s liability for wrongful death in an accident from US $50,000 to $300,000. Your liability cap should therefore be raised as well for your car insurance in Mexico. It is recommended that similar amounts that apply to US insurance should be reflected in car insurance in Mexico.

Choosing a company for car insurance in Mexico

Car insurance in Mexico should be purchased from an insurance company with a good reputation. Choosing the company to provide your car insurance in Mexico should be done as carefully as choosing your insurer in the US. That way, if something happens, you will have a problem making a claim. Insurance fraud happens in Mexico as much as in the US, so make sure to do your research on the provider for your car insurance to Mexico before you purchase and before crossing over to Mexico with your car. For competitive rates and compare different coverage’s you are able to contact West Coast Global Insurance Services.

Getting TIP using your car insurance in Mexico

Some people will point out that there are plenty of insurance companies near the US-Mexico border on either side, but you will be taking a big chance if you leave purchasing your car insurance in Mexico at the last minute. If you plan to travel beyond the Free Zone, you will need a Temporary Import Permit (TIP) if your car is not registered in Mexico. As part of the documentary requirements for a TIP is certification from your provider of car insurance in Mexico. If you get insurance from a company not accredited with the Mexican government, you could face additional delays and expense as you sort it out with the authorities. You could even be denied entry into Mexico altogether. It is recommended that you not only get car insurance in Mexico ahead of time; you should also arrange for a TIP at least 7 days prior to embarking on your road trip to Mexico.

Other types of car insurance in Mexico you may need

As mentioned in a previous section, you need liability coverage because of the law, but you should not just get the minimum. The law is designed to protect the claims of the other person and to ensure that you can cover any personal injuries and damages that may result from an accident. The law is not as concerned with your own costs for personal injuries and property damage, and liability insurance will not cover this at all.

If you only have liability car insurance in Mexico, you could be responsible for a lot of expenses for medical bills and repair or replacement of the vehicle, especially if you are driving a rented car. You could also be facing legal fees. The ideal insurance policy will provide comprehensive coverage which includes administrative and legal assistance if an accident occurs. Moreoever, your insurer will cover all expenses directly, so you will not be subject to any complications that may accrue from dealing with unfamiliar procedures and charges, Even if everything is comparatively cheaper in Mexico than in the US, you could still find yourself forking out money you cannot afford. Investing in comprehensive car insurance in Mexico just makes complete sense.

Car insurance in Mexico can be purchased online

You should do your research ahead of time when getting car insurance in Mexico, and the best way to do this is online. Many reputable insurance companies have an online presence, and it is perfectly easy to get quotes online so that you can comparison shop before purchasing the best deal you can find, such as Just make sure that you have the coverage you need by law and that you are covered for the duration of your stay in Mexico. You can get a customized policy that will minimize your cash outlay and still provide you with the insurance you need.

Whether relocating to Mexico or merely visiting, it is easy to forget the importance of having car insurance in Mexico. It really should be on the top of the list of priorities because it can really ruin your trip if you don’t have the right kind in the right amounts. Car insurance in Mexico is to protect you against unexpected events and their associated costs.

Mexico is undoubtedly the ideal destination for business, medical treatment, tourism and even relocation. The weather is great, the people are warm, costs are low, and the culture is fascinating. But if you do not make adequate preparations beforehand, you could find yourself out on a limb. It only takes a little effort and time to get the information you need to ensure that you are covered for anything that may happen while in Mexico.

Remember that it is a foreign country, and your citizenship is no hindrance to the prosecution of local laws as they may apply to your situation. The criminal and civil laws in Mexico is very different from the US, and so is their legal process. Avoid trouble and arrange for car insurance in Mexico as well as other insurance.

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