Are People Really Moving To Mexico?

Are People Really Moving to Mexico?

If you look around the Internet, you will find that there is an astounding number of foreigners moving to Mexico. A lot of people are finding that life down below the American border is better than their current country or state for various purposes. Just like with any country, there are pros and cons for living in Mexico, but for most, the pros far outweigh the cons. Read on to learn more about the reasons for the who, where and why people are moving to Mexico.

Where Are Most People Moving From?

Statistics show that majority of the foreigners who are living in Mexico emigrated from North America – the United States and Canada to be more exact. A lot of the Canadians who migrate to Mexico live there part-time. The remainder of the foreign population lives in Mexico to work/ live or to retire. You will find that a lot of retirees (around 1 million) in America are planning to move south of the Border to Mexico once they’re done working. Surprising, there are also people who plan to make a living down there, setting up shop before their retirement days.

Where Are Most People Moving to in Mexico

According to the census that was taken in 2010, a lot of the foreigners that live in Mexico reside in specific areas. Foreigners in Mexico make up 1% of Mexico’s 112 million population, equaling out to 961,121 people. This number nearly doubled since the year 2000 when there were 492,617 foreigners living there. The main cities that people are moving to in Mexico include Baja California (around 123,000), Chihuahua (80,000), Jalisco (84,000), the Federal District (72,000) and Tamaulipas. Other cities with less population include Tabasco and Tlaxcala. The cities that had the biggest increases in foreign population between 2000 and 2010 are Tlaxcala, Hidalgo, Veracruz, Oaxaca and Tabasco.

Why Are People Moving to Mexico?

There are many reasons why people are choosing to move to Mexico. One of the top reasons for the relocation is for retirement. Since the cost of living and property expenses in Mexico are lower than the U.S. and Canada, a lot of people are finding migration to Mexico to be favorable. Retirement in Mexico is less stressful, slower-paced and cheap. In the U.S., retirees are running through their Social Security and 401K money just to keep up with the living expenses. Some end up having to go back to work to cover all of the costs.
Another reason why people are moving to Mexico is because it has health care that is more affordable. Mexican health care is usually 50% cheaper than in America, which has prices that are steadily rising. The quality of Mexican health care is great in major cities of Mexico. The doctors are equally educated as American doctors, since most go to school in the States. They also speak English. Plus the Mexican economy has been soaring since 2011 and the weather is great year round.
Mexico seems to be becoming a great place to live and retire for foreigners that were born north of the border. It’s projected that 6 million more foreigners are going to be relocating to Mexico within the next 15 years.