7 Things You MUST Know About Mexico Home Insurance

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    7 Things You Must Know About Mexico Home Insurance


    Should I buy Mexico Homeowners Insurance from just any agent?

    No, purchase your Mexico Homeowners Insurance from a Mexico Insurance Professional. You want to feel rest assured that you are buying the BEST Protection for your Most Valuable Asset in Mexico. West Coast Mexico Insurance has been focused on Asset & Health in Mexico since 2004 !!

    Are the insurance policies offered by Mexican Agents different than what West Coast Mexico Insurance provides their clients?

    YES !! Agents in Mexico offer a Standard Mexican Style Homeowners Policy called a Named Peril policy. “What you see is what you get as far as coverage” U.S. & Canadian homeowners are used to receiving ALL Risk policies which provide a higher level of client and Asset Protection. West Coast Mexico Insurance protects their clients with ALL RISK Mexico Homeowners Policies providing the Broadest Protection Available in Mexico.

    Should I equip my home with Storm Shutters in the event of a Hurricane?

    Hurricanes are a huge threat to most Mexico regions and it is recommended to equip your home with HVHZ (High-Velocity Hurricane Zone) Storm Shutters in the event of a named storm such as a Tropical Depression & or Hurricane. This will reduce the chance of broken glass from flying debris and the severe pressure that is caused by most windstorms that whip through homes & condos in Mexico ripping up the interior of these properties.

    If I have a Palapa Roof on the main structure of my home can I get a Mexico Homeowners Policy?

    The Answer is YES. Insurance Carriers in Mexico accepting Palapa risk are far & few between however West Coast Mexico Insurance has your solution for the BEST protection offered in Mexico. You can expect a separate deductible for palapa risk. Detached Palapas can be Insured as long as they are not attached to the main dwelling structure.

    If Palapa Leaves are laying over a Concrete roof for an exterior look & feel, can I get a Mexican Homeowners Policy?

    Yes, you can. As long as you have a concrete roof and the Palapa is only covering the roof for a nicer visual appeal West Coast Insurance Services can provide you with an ALL RISK Mexico Homeowners policy providing you the BEST protection for your Most Valuable Asset.

    Is Mexico Home Insurance the same as a U.S. style Homeowners policy?

    Until Recently the Answer was NO. If you are shopping for a Mexico Homeowners Insurance Policy you will most likely be presented a Standard Mexican Homeowners Policy as that is all that agents in Mexico have access to offer. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you Insure your home correctly & you work with an agent that understands the Mexico insurance marketplace and that has weathered a few Big Hurricanes. The agents at West Coast Mexico Insurance are ready to assist and help secure your most valuable asset in Mexico !!

    The Aftermath of Hurricane Odile in 2014 !!

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