7 Things You MUST Know About Mexico Auto Insurance

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    7 Things You Must Know About Mexico Auto Insurance


    Will I be covered if an uninsured motorist hits me?

    If you have purchased a full coverage Mexico Auto policy with West Coast Insurance then the answer is “YES” you are covered for collision no matter if the other party is insured or uninsured. Please see your policy for details of coverage.

    Are claims paid in dollars?

    The Mexico Insurance company settles all insurance claims in U.S. dollars from their claims office in Mexico. Claims must be reported in Mexico at the time of the accident as stated in the policy conditions.

    Does my U.S. Auto Insurance policy cover me in Mexico?

    Some U.S. auto policies may cover your vehicle for physical damage up to a certain distance into Mexico. The problem is that the Mexican Government does not recognize any policies as valid unless it is issued by a Mexican Insurance Company. It is highly recommended you have a Mexican Auto Insurance Policy that covers your auto for liability in Mexico.

    Is it necessary to name every conceivable driver on the policy?

    NO – But it is, first of all, absolutely necessary to name the registered owner, and if the registered owner will not be accompanying the vehicle to Mexico it is important to name at least the primary driver, or anyone who will likely always be with the vehicle. But it is not necessary to name every conceivable driver on the policy.

    Do I have to go to your office to get my insurance policy?

    NO – you actually can do most everything using the Internet, E-mail, Fax Machine, and of course, what we recommend the most, is just plain calling us. We can answer your questions and help you decide what insurance plans make the most sense for you.

    Can I purchase a short term Mexico auto policy?

    YES – Do you need Mexico Auto Insurance for only 1 day no problem, you will have teh ability to select any duration of days for Mexico Auto Insurance protection up to 365 days of the year. **HINT: If you plan on take more then 1 trip into Mexico during the year you may find purchasing an Annual Mexico Auto Policy will be more cost effective.

    Can I purchase Mexico liability only for my Auto traveling into Mexico?

    YES – Flexible Mexico Auto Insurance with options to protect your vehicle for Liability only in Mexico or including a value of replacement cost. This coverage choice is up to you**


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