Car insurance for Mexico is one of the things you need to plan for when taking a road trip to Mexico. Traveling by car is a great way to see the country and savour the warm climate, friendly people and fascinating tourist sites. You may also want to take advantage of the low cost of medical services while you are at it. It is an attractive place to go to for Americans who live on fixed incomes.

But it isn’t all fun and games. You should prepare for your trip carefully as Mexico, despite its proximity to the US, is really a foreign country. Failing to prepare properly for your trip can turn into a nightmare.

Car insurance for Mexico should be planned

No one likes to think that anything bad will happen when planning a vacation. In the excitement of all the things you plan to do and see, you can easily overlook the need for car insurance for Mexico. However, you really should make it a priority. It is not difficult to ensure you are covered for the length of your stay in Mexico as long as you spend a little time researching when choosing the insurance company. It will save you a ton of money and problems in the future. It is essential that you get car insurance for Mexico before embarking on your trip.

Car insurance for Mexico is a priority

Car insurance for Mexico is one of the first things you need to arrange for when planning a trip across the border. Travelling by road is the best way to see the sights, but you need to be aware of what you are getting into by bringing a car over or renting one. Your greatest danger is not getting too much sun or pigging out on Mexican food and gaining weight, but getting in trouble for not having the right kind or enough car insurance for Mexico.

Liability car insurance for Mexico is mandatory

It is against the law in Mexico to drive a car without liability car insurance for Mexico. Furthermore, you need to have one from an insurance company accredited by the Mexican government to offer such coverage when driving in the country. Failure to present proof of acceptable car insurance for Mexico can land you in jail and subject you to hefty fines. If you are involved in an accident where other people sustain injuries and/or property damage, the consequences can be much more serious.

Most Americans who go to Mexico think that their US car insurance can be used in lieu of car insurance for Mexico. But liability coverage from a US insurance company is not acceptable in Mexico. The reasoning for this is that if an accident occurs, a US insurer may not honor the policy when the insured is in a foreign country.

Addition car insurance for Mexico you need

While only liability coverage is mandated by law, this is merely the minimum requirement. Liability insurance is there to provide for injuries and damages to the other party, and in turn protects the foreign driver from personal injury lawsuits. But liability coverage does not include costs incurred from your injury or that of your passengers. It will also not cover the costs of repair or replacement of your vehicle.

Limited car insurance for Mexico can render you liable for a lot more than what you would have paid for with wider coverage. These may be due to medical bills, car damages, and other costs such as for legal fees. Comprehensive car insurance for Mexico will usually include legal assistance in cases of accidents, and you will not have to pay anything or minimum as the insurer will arrange to pay directly. This will eliminate most complications associated with accidents. Even if most services are cheaper in Mexico the bill can still run up pretty high in a serious accident. Visitors to Mexico should have at least personal injury protection and collision damage insurance. It is practical to have complete car insurance for Mexico overall even if the premiums are a bit more.

Car insurance for Mexico required for mortgaged cars

When you bring a mortgaged car into Mexico, the law requires that you secure a temporary import permit for it. In order to get one, you need to present proof of liability car insurance for Mexico such as letter of authorization from the insurer; failure to do so will result in delays and could even get you disapproved. This means you will not be allowed into the country, or forced to rent a car. To avoid all that trouble, you should get car insurance for Mexico and the necessary documentation for the import permit in advance.

Car insurance for Mexico for rented vehicles

Liability car insurance for Mexico is usually included in the rental fee if you are renting a vehicle instead of bringing your own. However, you may find yourself paying more than you expect for other types of coverage discussed earlier if you get it from the rental company. Moreover, car rental companies normally require a credit card; this is so that in case of damage to the car, they can charge the entire value of the vehicle unless you have collision damage insurance. If you plan to rent a vehicle, make sure you have the right documents to prove that you have car insurance for Mexico specific to collision damage.

Car insurance for Mexico can be purchased online

A good way to get car insurance for Mexico is online. There are many insurance companies with websites offering online quotes for car insurance for Mexico. However, you need to be careful about what companies to choose. You need to make sure that you get coverage for the duration of your trip and for the areas you intend to visit. To keep premiums low, the good insurance companies allow limited coverage to just certain parts of Mexico. Alternatively, you can choose to be covered anywhere in the country. Do your homework and comparison shop before purchasing car insurance for Mexico online. You can visit West Coast Mexico Insurance Services for online quotes and even compare rates and coverage’s.


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