7 Reasons Why Travelers Insurance in Mexico is Important


Travelers Insurance in Mexico

Whenever traveling abroad, it’s necessary that you and your companions are well-prepared for what could lie ahead. It’s difficult to fully prepare yourself because you never know what could happen during your trip. To counter the potential of someone getting hurt while on your trip to Mexico, you can be prepared with international health insurance. Below, you will find seven reasons why travelers should purchase international health insurance for their trips to Mexico.

Insufficient Coverage from Domestic Health Plans

One of the reasons why expatriates should obtain international health insurance before going to Mexico is because most domestic health plans won’t extend coverage into International Territories, or won’t cover international travels at all. For instance, you may be taking a trip to Mexico for 6 months, but your Domestic plan may only cover 2 months. Then there are some plans that will only reimburse your hospital visits and stays, leaving you with high expenses to pay upfront if you or someone in your group were to get hurt. Most domestic health plans don’t cover outside your home country at all.

High-Risk Activities

A lot of extremists head to Mexico to seek thrills from its mountainous and oceanic territories. If you plan to visit Mexico for adventurous purposes, you will need to ensure that you have coverage that will take care of you in case you were injured while mountain climbing or scuba diving. Certain activities aren’t covered by health plans, so make sure that the travelers insurance you purchase does offer the coverage and make sure to ask for riders and or exceptions for these activities as most travelers and medical plans do not cover it.

Airlifted by Air Ambulance

If you were to get into a situation where you required air evacuation to a nearby hospital, you’re going to have to dish out $60,000 upfront. If you don’t have international health insurance, travelers plan or air evacuation plan that will cover the costs for an air evacuation, chances are without the money upfront, you will not get air lifted.

Coverage for Canceled and Interrupted Trips

Unexpected things happen all of the time, a death or illness in the family being two of the many things that could occur. When this happens, you could face problems with getting a refund for the deposits or purchase you’ve made. With travelers insurance, expatriates in Mexico can sometimes get a refund or credit for travel bookings that are canceled due to an emergency.

Missed Flight Fees

Travelers insurance can also sometimes offer coverage for fees incurred if you accidentally miss a flight. This can also be for buses and other vehicles. If you end up stranded because of a delayed vehicle, you can sometimes get reimbursed for hotel stays and other expenses. Each carrier and policy is different.

Coverage for Missing Personal Belongings

Sometimes, to our dismay, luggage gets lost. Without the right travelers insurance you could end up having to buy all new items in Mexico. This problem can be countered by purchasing travelers insurance before you leave home. There are limits to how much you will be reimbursed, especially if you were toting expensive items.

Medical Emergencies

If you or your loved one requires medical attention be sure to visit the closest qualified facility. As a Member of an International Travel Medical plan you will have direct access to a network of International hospital & doctors if you get hurt while in Mexico. Some plans even have direct pay agreements so the only expense out of your pocket is your deductible.

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