Car insurance for Mexico is generally not a matter of great concern for many visitors to the country—until trouble happens. It is not being paranoid to wish to have car insurance for Mexico; it is just being smart. When realization occurs, it is usually too late, and those travelers will have to face the consequences. It should be remembered that US-based insurance is typically not honoured when traveling in Mexico. What could possibly happen that you would need car insurance for Mexico, you may ask? Here are seven of them that would bear consideration.

Arrested for not having car insurance for Mexico

Liability car insurance for Mexico is mandatory. If a driver is stopped for whatever and fails to present proof of car insurance for Mexico, it is a criminal offense, and may spend the rest of his or her stay in jail.

Single Vehicle accident with no collision car insurance for Mexico

Damage to a car, whether owned or rented, is not covered under liability insurance. The driver is liable for any and all damages incurred during this type of incident. In a situation where the vehicle is rented, the entire value of the car is charged against the credit card, and this can be a hassle as well as expensive to resolve.

Personal injury to a third person without liability car insurance for Mexico

The reason there is a law in Mexico requiring car insurance for Mexico is to ensure that the motorist is covered in case of injury or damage done to a third party in the case of a car accident. Uninsured motorists are not only subject to criminal charges; they are also vulnerable to civil suits.

Personal injury sustained without personal injury car insurance for Mexico

Whether a car accident involves a third party or not, expenses associated with personal injury of the driver or his or her passengers is for the driver’s expense if there is no personal injury protection car insurance for Mexico.

Multiple car accident car damages not covered under liability car insurance for Mexico

While liability insurance will cover damages to the third party’s property damage, it will not cover own damage. Whatever costs that will be incurred in repairing or replacing a damaged car will be for the driver’s expense.

Language barrier during an accident without car insurance for Mexico

Reputable companies that provide car insurance for Mexico will provide assistance in the wake of an accident, including the services of a coordinator who will ensure that there is no miscommunication due to language barriers. Knowing a little tourist Spanish is not enough when dealing with police and hospital authorities. One can avoid unnecessary complications when one is properly insured against such contingencies.

Medical evacuation not included in car insurance for Mexico

It may be necessary for a medical evacuation in the case of a serious accident. Aside from car insurance in Mexico, one should also have travel insurance for Mexico that includes comprehensive medical evacuation. Some good companies offering car insurance for Mexico can include medical evacuation in the coverage. Without this coverage, the driver is liable for all costs incurred for emergency medical evacuation as well as other expenses that may be incurred without car insurance for Mexico. For more information on Car insurance for Mexico and medical evacuation plans visit West Coast Mexico Insurance!


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