5.3 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Mexico City


On March 20th, a moderate 5.3 magnitude earthquake hit Mexico City, swaying building located in the capital and sending hundreds of people into the streets. There weren’t any reports of casualties or damage. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake started at 4:30 p.m. in Puebla, located near Tulcingo del Valle. This is a town that has a low population and is about 100 miles southeast of Mexico City. The town also has a depth of about 31 miles.


Miguel Angel Mancera, the Mayor of Mexico City, stated that there were many evacuations reported in the capital, but there have been no reports of injuries or damage. This city is in a location that makes it vulnerable to distant earthquakes, mostly due to the fact that it sits on top of a muddy sediment of drained lake beds. Whenever a quake hits, the town wiggles like jelly.


In 1985, a magnitude 8.1 earthquake hit, killing around 6,000 people and destroying a lot of the building in Mexico City. This quake was centered about 250 miles away from the Pacific Coast.


Be Prepared When an Earthquake Hits


The moment an earthquake strikes can never be predetermined, which is why Mexico City residents and expatriates need to be prepared. This also goes to those residing in other areas of Mexico. Having a plan for you and your family is important and should be practiced. Where will everyone go when the earthquake starts? Hiding underneath sturdy tables can be an excellent way to protect your head.


Also, having a first aid kit equipped with medical supplies, food and additional clothing can be useful as well. You never know when the big one will hit and when it does, you may not have access to everyday utilities and items. Be prepared by storing gallons of water and dry food that doesn’t have to be cooked.


After the earthquake, know what you and your family will do. It’s a good idea to have a radio, so that you can listen to the authorities and the situation in areas not immediately around you. You can also check on your neighbors and plan to have them check on you in case of such emergencies. You never know when you or a neighbor may become trapped under debris and need assistance right away. If you have loved ones who are disabled, make sure to have a plan for them as well.


Be Prepared with Mexican Homeowners Insurance


Without Mexico homeowners insurance, your life’s possessions could quickly disappear with nothing to show for it. Money can’t bring back belongings that have been destroyed, but it can help replace the items that can be replaced. A lot of people end up homeless after dangerous weather occurs, but this doesn’t have to be the case for you and your loved ones. Just make sure that when you purchase Mexican homeowners insurance that is provides coverage for damage caused by earthquakes. To learn more about obtaining Mexican insurance for your home, contact us today at www.WestCoastRi.com.


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